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GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN: MDs and Bar Girls break up, too

We’ve mentioned in this blog a couple of times that a lot of MDs have bar girls for a girlfriend/wife. They seem to understand each other better since they are in the same line of work. Well, no one is immune from break-ups nowadays. Not even the MDs and bar girls who seem to be made for each other.


Garrett and his bar girl girlfriend broke-up a few months back. Garrett was caught cheating. Garrett now stays at the club he works for. The poor heartbroken girl went home to her parents. It seems like she’s still licking her wounds and is still not yet ready to go back to work or to do anything other than play homemaker at her parents’ home.


Gabriel and the bar girl he slashed himself over last year are now broken up as well. Did the bar girl play around with Red again or with Nicholas or another MD? No. It was Gabriel this time who was caught cheating. Well, girl, what comes around goes around, eh?

The bar girl who used to fancy Red and then many other MDs before finally going steady with Gabriel seems to have fallen hard for Gab. She’s now heartbroken.


Aljur and his girl are on the rocks. Why? Well, because of another girl. Is there a pattern here somewhere? It seems like it’s the MD who plays around and when caught, it leads to a break-up. So far none of the recent situations I learned about were brought about by the bar girl cheating. It was always the MD who was caught cheating.


Seems like nothing is permanent nowadays. If MDs and bar girls who seem so compatible with each other in many ways (they are both attractive enough, young enough and do the same work that they cannot judge each other unfairly) still break-up, then all the more should gay bar regulars who enter into a relationship with MDs be careful.


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