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Andrina is back!

Hola, everyone!  Andrina is back.  Thank you for all the messages and emails.  I also made public some of the posts I set as private.  I might make public even more posts.  Watch out.

As for blog updates that will be forthcoming.  Be patient, ladies and gents.  

It’s good to be back.  Thank you for the kind messages.  

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Right now the Filipino movie The Mistress is making waves at the box office.  I have to admit though that I enjoyed last year’s blockbuster No Other Woman more.  So how does this all relate to the gay bar which is the primary topic of this blog?

Well, for one, ‘the mistress’ in the hit movie does not live the life of a typical mistress.  The typical mistress is a kept woman who doesn’t work an eight to five (be it day or night) anymore but instead, just lives in the home/room/unit her benefactor got for her.  The typical mistress lives for the day when her benefactor will visit her and get his money’s worth.  A good number of bar girls become mistresses. What about MDs then?



The mistress, by definition, is a woman in a relationship with a married man. What about a man in a relationship with a married woman? Well, the said man is labeled a paramour.  Sadly, a good number of MDs are paramours.  A good number of female guests in the gay bar are very much married.  Hence, MDs who get in a relationship with these women become paramours.


How Paramours differ from Mistresses

How do paramours differ from mistresses? Well, very few paramours are actually put up in a condo unit or home.  Most just meet the married women on the sly in restaurants, hotels or the like.  Even those made to stop working still go home to their mothers or boarding houses.  Married women are not really in the habit of getting homes/units for their paramours to live in.  Very few do that.

Even Nanette who made Aaron her kept man did not put him up in a house or condo unit.  She just gave him an allowance so Aaron will stop reporting to the bar in exchange for meeting Nanette at a restaurant twice a week.  Heaven knows where they went after dinner.  Aaron still went home to his parents’ house though and Nanette still went home to her children.



Mistresses and paramours are both recipients of borrowed time from a married person.  Mistresses and paramours are third parties in the relationship.  They are the ones kept a secret and the ones who are dispensable. 


I look forward to a Filipino movie about the life of a paramour. 

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