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Some MDs view macho dancing as a temp job. It’s a for now kind of thing for some of them. Some MDs claim that they work as MDs to enable them to finish school or to afford a parent’s medical expenses or to send a sibling to school. Those who grow old gyrating usually got taken in by the big (seemingly) easy money they received from guests who went crazy over them. All they had to do was butter up a guest into giving them money and other material goods. When the guest is not repulsive then all the more does being sweet and physical get easy. Sometimes an MD plays the role of ‘friend’ to a guest who’s into another MD who’s not available or whom the guest had a quarrel with. Easy cash. Be a shoulder to lean on and play cupid in exchange for drinks and tips and possibly more.


If you’ve been reading this blog then you know about Robbie the MD. He wanted to go out but I wasn’t up to it. I knew that nothing would materialize between us. Nothing lasting or worthwhile, that is.

Robbie the MD has stayed in touch with me. He was a bum for many months, living off his parents and siblings in the province. He enjoyed drinking with his friends and playing billiards every night. Bum, bum, bum.

Recently Robbie said all his drinking buddies were already gainfully employed. He grew bored and worked a job that earned him minimum wage. He ain’t happy though. As my friend Karl said, Robbie probably misses the tips that he used to get when he was still an MD.


Robbie intends to go back to being a macho dancer. Why? According to him, Christmas is fast approaching and he wants to have money to properly celebrate Christmas. Robbie doesn’t intend to report for work everyday though and again, he insists that it’s a temp job. Sigh. Poor guests who will be sucked into turning over money to Robbie. Robbie is quite good at what he does and I’m sure he will find some willing and able guests if he does return to macho dancing for the holidays.

What about after the holidays? Will Robbie return to being a bum? Or will be return to being a minimum wage earner? Or will the allure of big money for little to no effort whatsoever be too tempting for Robbie? Only time will tell if Robbie’s macho dancing days will be a temp job as he claims or if he will be tempted by the possibilities the job offers.


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During a recent trip to Saturn, Karl pointed out to me an MD that he, Ella and I already previously saw. I remember commenting to myself the first time around that the said MD, Robbie, had a good physique but seemed totally bored with his dancing. I didn’t take notice of Robbie much. The second time around I noticed that Robbie still had the great physique but in addition to that he was dancing to a song I really liked. I watched Robbie and realized he can dance when he’s not busy being so bored. Suffice it to say I enjoyed Robbie’s dance number a lot. He displaced Wren as my favorite eye candy in Saturn in a matter of minutes. I have a feeling I won’t fancy Robbie much once I hear him talk (or not talk?) but let’s not preempt anything. Let’s stick to the facts for now.


Robbie had a guest that night. To my surprise Robbie was fully dressed in street clothes from his very colorful big shirt to his cargo shorts the entire time he took his seat next to his gay guest. Robbie would run to the locker area shortly before his dance numbers to undress before hitting the stage. He would be fully dressed again by the time he returned to his guest’s table.

The other MDs in Saturn were mostly clad in their wifebeaters and short shorts. A few like CB were in shirts but they were wearing their short shorts with it. Robbie was the only one who looked like he was ready to bolt the place anytime. I don’t think the other MDs will feel comfortable walking out the streets looking precisely like MDs.

No, I wasn’t stalking Robbie particularly. why did I notice his attire then? Well, precisely because to my dismay I realized his get-up didn’t do him well and in fact I found Robbie better looking clad only in his printed bikini than in his street clothes that any hawker could have been donning. Karl and I agreed that Robby’s color choice was not particularly flattering on him. It really was not. In fact I might have told Karl that Robbie looked unappealing in street clothes to which Karl kidded (or was he serious?!) me that since I found Robbie unattractive in street clothes, he will be Karl’s whenever he was fully dressed and all mine when clad in just his dancing bikini (gulp).


I remembered Liam looking such a mess in his street clothes when we met for dinner. Liam looked better in his shorts and standard MD-style wifebeater than he did in his expensive wanna-be-punk get-up. Robbie, though he doesn’t look a thing like Liam save that they both have great physiques in different ways, was also like that in his street clothes.

I was reminded that money can buy a lot of things but not class. The services of a stylist perhaps but not class in itself.


Days later in a brief exchange with another person I realized something: Robbie was not in the standard MD attire that night in Saturn as an armor against his gay guest.

Later on I realized that Robbie was not embracing nor being particularly sweet to his seemingly nice gay guest in Saturn. Instead, Robbie was mostly busy chewing Krispy Pata or something close to it that his guest must have ordered for him. I was reminded of Ramon in that respect.

It dawned on me that Robbie didn’t want to be lovey-dovey with his gay guest. Neither did he want to give his guest a chance to slide his hands on his thighs hence the thick cargo shorts that reached below his knees and the big shirt. Robbie’s street attire was his armor of protection against his guest. Robbie, from what I know, has been working as an MD for over a year. I guess he knows how to protect himself from unwanted advances. Still, his guest was rather nice for not requesting (requiring?) Robbie to change into his short shorts and sando. The guest even ordered food and a good number of drinks for him.


Indeed in the end it’s a matter of choice whether or not the guest and the MD will be lovey-dovey inside the bar or worse. Whose choice? Both. It has to be consensual for everyone and everything to be truly okay.

It’s easy when it’s the guest who doesn’t want to be touchy-feely with the the MD. The guest just has to send the MD away or otherwise put a big space or a big bag between him/her and the MD. It’s trickier when it’s the MD who doesn’t fancy nor want to pretend to fancy the guest who wants some BFE or to at least get touchy-feely.

Still, indeed it’s up to the MD if he will let a guest touch him. Apparently one way to send signals that he doesn’t prefer to be touched is to wear thick cargo shorts.

I still keep learning new things. And I keep sharing ’em all with you. 😉


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