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Indeed life sometimes goes full circle. And there are odd connections here and there. In my case, I find it really interesting albeit a tad creepy that Keith is now abroad. No, his being abroad is not the creepy detail. It’s the fact that he’s now in the exact same town in the exact same country where I once lived. Happily, at that.

I have so many fond memories of that country and that quaint little town. To think that Keith could be going to the same places I used to frequent is the creepy part for me. I even told Keith a little about that country when I still got to talk to him. Keith was always interested to hear about that country.

No, Keith does not know that it was that particular town he’s now residing in that I was telling him about a year ago.

I was just recently thinking that I missed that country and that quaint little town. In fact, had things fallen into place the way I wanted it to, I would have been in that quaint little town this month. Maybe I wasn’t able to go there as planned because I wasn’t supposed to run into Keith in the local supermarket or friendly little market? It definitely would have been very strange for me if I ran into Keith abroad.

I now wax philosophical about me getting to know Keith. Does the fact that he’s now in the exact same town I used to live in play a factor in the ‘why’ we had to meet? Did I end up growing fond of Keith because I was meant to tell him a little about the country he would apparently move to a year later? I don’t know. Perhaps not. Still, it’s a little bit too much a coincidence for me. The circle of life always is.




I know who you are but you don’t have a clue who I am.
I know where you’ve been and who you were with but you don’t know anything about me.
I’m just a stranger in your eyes. You have no clue that I know a lot about you.

Sounds familiar? Well, we intense researchers (really?) often encounter such a scenario. We may run into a person we’ve done intensive researches on because of his or her connection to an MD we know. The other person wouldn’t have a clue as to who we are but my, my, we sure know a lot about him or her.

I just had a similar experience. I was at work. I was all serious and work-mode (uh-huh) when hunger made me realize it was time to eat. Off I went to a nearby convenience store to grab some chow. I was lost in thought as I neared the entrance to the convenience store. Suddenly I was face to face with the person exiting the store at the exact time I was entering the same. It was not just some random person. It was a very familiar face. It was Keith’s former gay benefactor. Gulp.

Thankfully, Keith’s gay benefactor whom we shall call Fred from hereon had no idea who I was. We were never in Earthling at the same time. Neither does Keith have a picture of him and myself together nor a picture of me. In fact I only knew about Fred from Pipay and other sources. The girls and I managed to track down Fred in social networking sites and other search engines. It was through there that I discovered that Keith’s former job near my workplace was in Fred’s company.

Fred and I exchanged glances since we were right in each other’s faces but then we headed our separate ways. Fred went back to his office, I suppose. I went inside the convenience store to buy my food though I had little appetite then. I actually had half a mind to tail Fred and shadow him so I can see where he was going. I was fairly certain I could have pulled that off. I was in my walking shoes and feeling limber, lithe and speedy. I also knew the area was big enough to make me inconspicuous should I feel the need to be so.

I didn’t tail Fred though. What’s the point? He’s done with Keith. I have no interest in Keith. I know where Fred’s office was anyway. More so I didn’t want to alert him about my existence nor for Fred to remember my face.

I immediately told my girls about the Fred incident. Funny it should happen exactly one year after Ara messaged me to ask who Liam was to me. What was that date anyway? Ghosts from MDs past cross Andrina’s path day?

It was not fun to run into a familiar face from the gay bar when I was in my work mode. To think it was a person who didn’t know who I was that I ran into. More so I suppose if it was Keith himself I ran into. Thank goodness I never ran into Keith when he was working in Fred’s office. I suppose I could have handled the same just fine but it definitely wouldn’t be fun.

Girls, I share this with you to remind you that our past is very much connected to our present. Remember that all the time and always be alert. Be prepared for any scenario.

Will that chance encounter be the last I’ll see of Fred live? I don’t know. But I definitely will keep my eyes open even during breaks when I head for the convenience store. Better safe than sorry.


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The most noticed in the gay bar are the macho dancers of course. Next are the floor managers and the impersonators. There are other unsung behind the scenes employees though.


The waiters are often unnoticed unless they’re young and good looking. Waiters like that are often requested to dance and soon enough they turn into MDs. How about the waiters who are not MD-types?

Waiters often earn from food and drink commissions (apart from tips that are never at par with the tips the MDs get). They get a portion of the earnings from orders. I realized that belatedly. It suddenly made sense why Ben, our regular waiter in Earthling, was so eager to have us order food. It wasn’t because the MDs haven’t had a decent meal yet. It was so he, Ben, could earn from food commissions.

The waiters make good allies, mind you. They can be a little lenient or a little strict. They can also make sure the MD’s gin tonic is too harsh or just right. Ha-ha.


I was in line at the solo occupancy ladies room in Numero last Friday the 13th. The girl inside seemed to be taking her sweet time. I ended up making conversation with the bar employee tasked to be usher and make sure the ladies find the loo and are safely in and outta there. When a lady tried to cut in, I tapped her and told her I was in line. I further told the lady that if she can’t hold it in anymore, the men’s room was unoccupied. The girl looked surprised and then she and her companion actually took my suggestion and went inside the men’s room. That scene happened twice. Another girl tried to cut in and I made the same suggestion which she heeded.

The employee manning the loos looked at me in surprise and told me I was feisty. I told him I was only reminding the people that there was a line and no one gets to cut in. I was merely asserting my rights as first in line. Ha-ha. Finally the girl inside the ladies room exited. There were two of them at the same time as it turned out. They were buds. I guess friends who go to the loo together stay together.


The girls and I made friends with one Yaya in Earthling. I even bought food for her during the times I was buying food for Luigi. Indeed the gay bar yayas are underappreciated and underpaid. I once witnessed Keith shouting at the poor Earthling yaya. Bad Keith.

The yayas are in charge of making sure the MDs are dressed properly and made up especially when there are production numbers. The yaya is also in charge of making sure the MDs are where they’re supposed to be when it’s their turn to dance. I first got to know the Earthling yaya we befriended when she’d approach Keith or Ramon now and then to remind then that one more song and then it’s their turn to dance. Jamie told me that they have to give a tip to the yaya whenever they get tabled and get tips from guests. Same goes for the floor manager, waiter and the DJ.

I later found out that the yaya in Saturn washes the bikinis of the MDs for 100 pesos a month per MD. Whattaway to make a living. The only consolation is that the yaya probably gets a kick out of being with such hot young men all the time. More often than not the yaya is a gay guy so it all the more factors in the dynamics.


I already mentioned the diskjockey or DJ in passing as someone who gets a tip from the MD. The DJ is important because he introduces the MD and even comes up with a monicker for the MD. MD X can be called “Mr Universe” and he can be known as such for the rest of his career.

I remember the Earthling DJ that Pipay warned me to stay away from. Ha-ha. Thanks for that one, Pipay.


They are usually impersonators themselves or started out as such. The better the choreographer the better the production numbers.


Oh yes the guards are important figures. They ensure safety against potential raiders, rude customers and rude MDs as well. In Earthling the girls and I are sort of friends with their head guard. Ha-ha.


Indeed everyone should pitch in for a gay bar to succeed. It’s usually only the MDs that the guest remembers but there are many unsung heroes in the dark place with flickering lights and gyrating men.


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Yes, I saw for myself that evolution exists even in the gay bar industry. Surprise, surprise.


Pipay again requested an audience with Karl and myself. This time Pipay announced to us that it is confirmed that she’s moving to her greener pastures and leaving her old bar behind.

It really felt like an end of an era and the start of a new, more fab one when Pipay made her little announcement. Karl, on his part, seemed more concerned that there won’t be a ready pair of eyes and ears to watch over Karl’s Bimby. Not the case though. Pipay, like a dying aunt, knew how to find someone to take over the task she’s leaving behind.

In any case, Karl and I are excited for Pipay and her new work. Pipay invited us to visit her at her new bar along with Jess and Ella. The odds are high that the four of us will visit the bar together soon. Really soon.

And from Pipay we got a mountain of information again about our people of interest. This was especially because Pipay introduced Karl and me to another FM, Brita, who herself was a fountain of knowledge about people of interest to us. Karl especially benefited since Brita knew quite a lot about Bimby and Bimby’s FMs.

Here are some of the information that the girls and I especially found interesting:

Carlo and his Ella are encountering some tough luck lately. Ella’s foreigner-spouse has not been sending money and neither has Carlo’s enterprise(s) fared well.
Comment: our Ella didn’t want to say it at first but she ended up blurting out to Jess and me that indeed karma’s a b*tch.

Keith’s benefactor has a new MD-love from a different bar. Keith is no longer a kept man. Will he go back to dancing?

Red has a a new benefactor as well. This time the owner of a rather big enterprise as well. Red sure knows how to make ’em keep on taking it all hook, line and sinker. Bravo, Red, Bravo.

Essie and Nicholas are done. Nicholas is back to working as an MD.

Lito and Sylvester are both rather ‘plump’ nowadays.


Karl and I didn’t call it a night after our little pow-wow with Pipay. Instead, we used the night for Karl to avail of my present for him: twin drinks for his MD of choice as long as it was not BIMBY. Karl and I headed to Saturn. Karl’s intent was to make JC the benefactor of the twin drinks.

When we got to Saturn, a big surprise was waiting: the former lover of Bimby was there and was apparently employed in Saturn already. Whoa. Not only that but they actually recognized Karl in Saturn already. A bunch of people greeted Karl and called Karl by his bar name. Double whoa.

Tardy Boy and the filler

Sometimes the second-stringers just need a chance to show what they’ve got. Well, that was how the night turned out. JC was late. Very, very late that Karl already agreed to give a drink to CB, the young lad who perfectly exemplified the boy-next-door stereotype. Karl already noticed CB when we were there with Ella before but Karl feared that he could fall for a boy-next-door type.

As it turned out, Karl was happy with CB that night. CB was interesting enough for Karl and was a nice, provincial lad. CB was not a flirt though. Unlike with JC before, Karl and CB did not end up holding hands or touching. I liked that. The fact that CB did not come on too strong was a relief. Smooth operators like JC are more problematic.


Karl suggested that I give a drink to Wren that night. Wren was an eye candy for us in December. I don’t know why but my gut feel insisted I don’t give a drink to Wren that night. I told Karl I didn’t feel like giving a drink to Wren.

Of all tardy people to arrive in the bar halfway before closing time, JC was the one who arrived that night. Since Karl had a great time with JC the first time around, I thought it would be a fine idea to have Karl sit between JC and CB while I sit on JC’s other side so I can chat him up when Karl and CB are busy. Karl can talk to JC when CB is away to dance. Fine idea?

As it turned out, it was a fine idea to give JC a drink that night but not for the reasons I initially thought of. Instead it turned out to be a fine idea to give JC a drink so his true colors can be exposed. And my, my, what dark color it was.


Before we headed to Saturn, Karl and I learned that Red’s former generous lover from abroad used to be JC’s generous lover who bought JC a car. It’s a small world after all. Really. Going to Saturn, Karl and I already knew that JC is indeed a true smooth operator. Everything he says should be taken lightly and with many grains of salt (ha-ha).


JC got to Saturn drunk. He was already drinking with a guest somewhere (a booking?) before he went to Saturn. When he got to Saturn, JC told me he thought I was not happy to see him and maybe he better just to home. I told him fine but do so now before he touched the drinks so the same can be transferred to another Md. JC was surprised and he told me: “astig ka!” He was quiet for a while.

Soon enought JC was arrogant again and he kept putting down the contestants on stage in addition to hogging the rather large couch which almost made me fall to the floor a couple of times. I learned how much JC was hogging the couch when he went to the washroom and I was left on the couch with a big space between me and CB. The space could have sat two girls like me or one and half of a young lad like CB.

When JC returned from the washroom, I made him sit on the edge. I was not going to risk falling to the floor a second longer. JC was still a tad drunk and being obnoxious. When he said something and Karl asked me what it was JC said, I was about to say something to Karl when JC pulled me a little too hard to keep me from talking. It was a little too painful so I hit him rather hard and shoved him. JC had the audacity to say again that he’ll just leave and go home. I told him that was a fabulous idea. JC got up and that was that.

I called the FM and told her I was officially complaining about a rude, drunk MD. I told the FM no way was I paying for Jc’s half finished bottle. They could either cancel the orders or give twin drinks under CB’s name instead of JC’s. The FM looked so surprised that someone was actually complaining. The FM ran to whoever was in charge. In the end they allowed the drinks under JC’s name to be transferred to CB.


I wouldn’t call myself and the girls experts as GB guests but neither are we clumsy beginners. We knew how to assert our rights. We knew how and when to get rid of an MD who was not helping us have a good time in the bar. I’m glad I was able to dispose of that snooty JC.

CB later told me I did the right thing. Guests are guests precisely because they are to be treated well and respected. CB further shared that JC was really popular in Saturn and was never without a guest. I told CB that JC might think his popularity and good looks gave him the license to report for work drunk and not on best behavior but that was not going to fly with me and my friends. Especially not at this point when we know quite a lot. Ha-ha.

I felt a little guilty that Karl might be one ‘inspiration’ down now that we’ve seen JC’s true colors but oh well Karl has CB to take over.

CB vs. JC vs. BIMBY for KARL

Of course it’s inevitable that Karl’s relationship with any or either or all of these MDs will cause him pain. Love does that more so loving an MD you met in a guest-MD setting. That having been said, let me give my two cents on this whole CB-JC-Bimby for Karl.

Of the three, JC is out of the running after that night when he was a drunk A-Hole. He did not even send an SMS to Karl to apologize or otherwise explain his side after the incident. Radio silence from his end. I guess JC has one too many guests anyway.

I don’t know much about CB yet but offhand I have to say I favor CB over Bimby for Karl. For one, CB is better looking and has a better physique. Second, CB is a breath of fresh air compared to Bimby. Karl knows what I’m writing about here.

Of course, it would be best if Karl found a love that’s not an MD at all or one he did not meet in a guest-MD scenario.


So where’s the evolution? Well, Pipay is moving to her greener pastures for one. Also, I was able to prove to myself that I was not a timid gb guest. I knew how to assert my rights and not be scared to get rid of a rude MD no matter how popular or good looking he might be.

I did not have much fun with the show in Saturn that night because I found the whole contest thing tacky but it does not mean I didn’t have fun moments. I certainly enjoyed seeing some dances. I know how to have fun and I know my kind of fun. That for me is an evolution I’m mighty glad about.


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It cannot be helped that gay bar regulars are often pitted against each other. Especially when two regulars table the same MD. Some form of a love triangle ensues. Think No Other Woman. Who’s more beautiful? Who’s richer? Who gives more drinks to the MD? Who gives a bigger tip? Who does the MD prefer? It’s a race of all sorts. Oh well. All is fair in love, war and in the gay bar. Ha-ha! I love how that sounds. Let me repeat it again: “ALL IS FAIR IN LOVE, WAR AND IN THE GAY BAR!


As (former) gay bar regulars, the girls and I had our own versions of ‘foes’. No, we never fought with any other guests but we knew that other guests fancied the MDs that became staples in our long, long table. Let me give you a brief rundown.


Ella knew that Carlo had his girlfriend Ella (the bar girl with kids from a foreign national who was Carlo’s gay bar guest before she became his girlfriend). Ella vs. Ella is one kind of a ‘foe’ relationship in the loose sense. No, sorry to disappoint those who have not read this blog faithfully, but there never was any confrontation between the two Ellas.

Carlo also had Nanette as a regular and a potential (if not actual) benefactor before our Ella entered the picture. Our Ella contemplated several Ella vs. Nanette foe scenarios for a while.


Red had a good number of regulars during the time Jess was giving him drinks in Earthling. One of Red’s then regular was a jealous matron who would often look at Red and Jess while waiting for Red to transfer to her couch. Jess was ever ready to give Red away then but it was Red who took his sweet time drinking his juice before transferring to his waiting guest.

As for Ramon, well, ha-ha! Jess was rich in ‘foe’ scenarios definitely. Ella warned Jess before to be careful especially when we didn’t know what Janet was capable of and yet we knew that Janet (Ramon’s then pregnant live-in girlfriend) had eyes and ears in the bar.


There was a time when Jess and I would drop by Earthling for an hour or so and then hightail it. We would be giving Ramon and Keith 2 drinks or so only then leave. Little did we know that after we leave, Ramon’s special gay friend (Jojo) and Jojo’s lady friend/workmate (Josie) would arrive in Earthling to give Ramon and Keith drinks. Ramon and Keith’s tandem as partners in crime was solidified since they had their funny little secret. Jess and Andrina would arrive while Jojo and Josie were waiting at some drinking place nearby. Ramon would give Jojo and Josie the go-signal after we leave and they would arrive to make Ramon and Keith even richer in drinks and tips. Buy one take one with Ramon and Keith? Or were they really quite the package deal?

Seriously, Jess saw Jojo as a rival for the longest time. There was a time when we went to Earthling purposely because we knew Jojo was planning to be there. No, Jess and Jojo were never in Earthling at the same time though. No drama.

As for Keith, I knew he had other regulars when he was in Earthling. Keith was quite popular during his time. However, Keith has been consistent in saying (and showing) that he prefers to join me whenever I’m in Earthling. In our table nobody harasses him or touches him inappropriately. More so, as he himself said: “he can be himself” and not have to work hard to pretend to like the guest or feign interest. Keith was requested by other guests several times when he was already in our table. I don’t know if anyone resented me for those times when other guests weren’t able to have Keith as their MD because he chose to stay with me and the girls.

Did I resent Josie? Initially, yes. It annoyed me that Ramon and Keith had their funny little secret at Jess’s and my expense.


Yes, the girls and I have had our run-ins with scary GB guests. Petra during the Ides of March trip is the example most prominent in this blog. Ella was ready to take on Petra one on one then. Jess was ready to shove Red to Petra. I was constantly touching my taser and eying where the guard is.

Apart from physical violence in the bar itself, there are other notions of scary GB guests especially given the ‘foe’ context we are discussing here.


Ara was a former regular/benefactor of Liam. As I’ve said before, Ara has college-age children from a previous marriage. Ara is also the jealous type. No, that’s putting it mildly. Ara is the STALKER type.

I remember when she messaged me in July asking who I was and what my relationship to Liam was. What?! Liam handled that quite well, thankfully, and managed to get Ara off my back. Ara became the benefactor of another (and later on another) MD from a different bar after Liam called it quits with her but she kept her jealous ways. I know for a fact that Ara still monitors (or does her best to do so) each every move of her new MD love. She even expressly stated that her rivals should all be exterminated. WHAT?!

People like Ara who goes around slapping other guests (remember the story that Ara had a slapping incident with Demi, another of Liam’s regulars?) position themselves as foes to other gay bar goers.

DEMI a.k.a. the crazy in love

Well, there’s Ara. And then there’s Demi. Demi is another matron with a teen-age child from a previous relationship. Between the two, Demi for me is less scary. Demi seems to have breeding whereas Ara is totally bereft of it. Demi and Ara got into a slapping incident precisely because Demi asserted her right as Liam’s guest when Ara tried to intrude. Demi told Ara that the latter should respect the former since it was she, Demi, who was Liam’s guest that night. Demi reminded Ara that she, Demi, never even looks their way when Liam is with Ara in Earthling. For Ara to pull Liam aside without even saying ‘excuse me’ to Demi that night was indeed rather rude.

I was initially very scared of Demi as well, mind you. Especially since I knew Demi was way bigger than Ara. Demi plus Ara seemed too much to take on. I was glad the girls and I were not frequenting Earthling during the time Ara messaged me about Liam and after I learned that Ara and Demi got into a slapping incident.


Well, there’s the MD and the MD’s time and attention. No, it’s not the MD’s “love’ that’s there to fight about. Please. Love is never for sale. Love can never be bought. To think that the MD would love you after buying him six drinks and giving him a tip is a big illusion. Only the time and attention of the MD are there to fight about.

What about the MD’s commitment? Ha-ha! I doubt it. What’s there to prevent the MD from having six or more bfs/gfs? The MD will just lie and tell each of the six or more bfs/gfs that they are the only ones for him. A crafty MD will not easily be discovered as a liar. It could take months or even years before the craft MD is unmasked as a six-timer or worse.


Bottom line is that gay bar regulars are really foes over nothing. The MD is after money. It’s very rare if at all the MD falls for a guest. And chances are it’s still remotely related to money somehow. Even Carlo and his girlfriend Ella’s relationship is still money-centered. Ella finances Carlo’s ventures.

How and when does a gay bar foe turn into a friend of some sort if at all? Well, that’s for Part2.

To be continued….


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GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN: Revisiting Tips for Ladies Choosing an MD To Table(Special Topics 4.3)

I enjoyed writing Tips For Ladies Choosing an MD to Table (Special Topics 4.1) in January. Now as part of my revisiting rampage I shall review what I wrote nine months ago and see what I can revise, affirm or otherwise add. 😉


I can hardly believe it’s been nine months since I wrote the post we are revisiting here. Time flies. I can’t say I disagree with anything I said in January. Especially the bit about how good looking MDs from afar might not be good looking up-close. Haha. I guess I just have more to say about the topic now. I’ll share ’em all with you.


An all-cast is a must when you’re choosing for the first time. The MDs will all be onstage and you can see how one looks next to the others. It’s best to see all the options first before selecting one (or several). There are many fishes in the ocean after all. 😉

Even when you already have a regular, the all-cast will still help you see the new MDs and others who might have been absent the other times you were in the bar.


In January, I introduced in this blog our concept of one-drink wonders. Well, we’ve practiced the said concept a good number of times. I for one have given one drink to three different MDs all in one night. The girls and I have collectively given 12 MDs one drink each all at once then sent them on their way.

Once during a big night when Keith and Ramon had to keep dancing, Jess and I gave one drink each to Luigi and Patrick before sending them on their way. We just wanted to give drinks to those who haven’t been given a drink by anyone yet and at the same time have someone to talk to and watch the grand production numbers with.

Practicing the one-drink wonder concept will help you meet a lot of MDs and at the same time get rid of those you don’t enjoy.


Don’t forget that ever when you’re in they gay bar: you’re the boss. You are a guest and you’re the one they all have to entertain and be polite to. It’s the MD who should try to please you and not the other way around.

That having been said, here are a few dos and don’ts:

1. Don’t let the floor manager bully you into choosing an MD you don’t like.

Even if the FM swears to high heavens that the MD he or she is shoving your way is hot and a great entertainer, don’t feel obliged to give the boy a drink if you have your eye on someone else. Remember: you’re the boss.

2. Take What the FM says with a grain of salt

FMs have their own stables in the gay bar. Each FM has a pet. They would discourage you from tabling other MDs as well. Sometimes the FM just wants to be helpful. Maybe he or she even cares enough about you. More often than not though the FM is just pushing his or her own boys to the top of the pack or otherwise attempting to let his or her own personal bias color your perception.

I remember how Pipay reacted when I told him Ella wanted to meet Charlie and that I was reserving Charlie for Ella. Pipay was visibly surprised and even silent for a moment.

There was also a time when I asked Pipay about another MD who resembled Charlie somehow. I was thinking of reserving the said MD for Ella another time. Pipay told me she wouldn’t recommend the said guy. Why? Because his body was flabby and his face like the moon’s crater, Pipay said. Whoa. Dissing an MD from the bar, eh? I guess the said MD was so not in Pipay’s stable of boys.

3. Be firm. You’re the boss after all.

I was firm about reserving Charlie for Ella. It was Charlie that Ella found attractive physically and no way was I letting Pipay get in the way. Let Ella make her own judgement about the MD. Let the guy rise or fall on his own merits and not on the say-so of an FM with a stable of boys he favors.

Even if an FM brings a boy to your table and the boy shakes hands with you, don’t feel obliged to give him a drink if you don’t want to. You can just tell him it’s nice to meet him and you’ll keep him in mind for next time or so.

4. Do stay polite all the while. Be friendly and cordial to all.

Do stay civil and cordial even when you’re being firm. Treat everyone with dignity. As I always say, keep it classy. 😉


The FM could give you false information about the MD you want to table. In our case, Pipay said Carlo was younger than his actual age. Ruffa told us Michael was 18 when he was actually 22. We were also told that Red was a teenager when he was not. We’ve given MDs drinks based on what the FM said that we later found out to be false information. Michael and Red were made part of our kiddie party supposedly only for teenage MDs when they were actually both above 20.

How do you see through the lies? Well, there’s no hard and fast rule. There’s no guaranty that you can and will see through lies though, especially well-crafted ones. The only advice I can give on this point is to be alert and to trust your gut. If your friends are with you then seek their input. Another pair of eyes won’t hurt.


After seeing the choices, it’s your call who to pick as drink recipient. See your choice up-close and exchange pleasantries (hi, hello) first before committing to giving him at least one drink. I suggest you at least hear how his voice sounds like first before letting him sit down. Oh, and remember that you are not obliged to give him more than one drink. If you don’t enjoy the MD then let him go after one drink and pick a new one. Don’t be shy to do so if that’s what can salvage the remainder of your evening.

Go with your gut and with what you want for whatever reason you may have. Just let the MD you table be your choice and not the FM’s. It’s your money that’s going to cover the tab after all. You ought to enjoy at the very least. 😉


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Pipay was good to me recently.  I was clad in what I would call a very nun-like get-up headed for a family thingee with family when I ran into Pipay.  I quickly put my pointer finger to my nose to form a silent sign.  Fortunately, Pipay got what I meant and ignored me.  Whew.

I sent Pipay an SMS subsequently to thank him.  We exchanged a good number of SMS which ended in an impromptu dinner invite.  So off I went to buy Pipay dinner. I didn’t even get to tell Jess and Ella anymore.


My few hours of one-on-one time with Pipay yielded a mountain of information.  Let me share with you some of them.


The girls and I have always thought that this employee, Baltazar, of Earthling disliked us.  Ella and Jess have more than once observed that Baltazar seemed to sport an angry or otherwise unhappy face when he sees us in Earthling.  Baltazar was not welcoming or cordial to us as well.  Jess once told me she thinks Baltazar hates her.  Ella surmised Baltazar is protective of his MDs and feels that the three of us give them false hope that ‘decent’ girls will like them and help them get out of the gay bar.

I remember that I saw Baltazar smile at us only twice. One was when Ella and I were buying food from Carlo’s business venture and ended up blocking Baltazar as he was on his way to park his vehicle.  Ella and I knew by then that Baltazar seemed cold towards us three so we were extra polite to him. Ella even said we were like visitors at Baltazar’s home as we politely made our apologies for having blocked his way.  Baltazar smiled at us then and said he enjoyed watching us eat happily the food we bought from Carlo.

The only other time I remember Baltazar smiling at us was the time we were in Earthling ahead of Pipay.  Baltazar happened to be outside the establishment and had no other choice but to welcome revenue earning bodies to the bar.  Or so I thought.


Pipay told me over dinner something he never told me or the girls before.  Pipay told me that sometime around March or so Baltazar pulled Pipay aside one night the three of us girls were in our regular table with Carlo, Ramon and Keith.  Baltazar apparently told Pipay: “Alam mo, crush ko siya (sabay mostra sa akin).  Gandang-ganda ako sa kanya.  Pero wag kang maingay ha. Baka magalit si Keith.”  [You know, she’s my crush (while looking at my direction).  I find her pretty.  But keep quiet about it. Keith might get angry]

Pipay told me further that Baltazar is so not gay and definitely not angry at me and the girls.  Apparently Baltazar has been crushing on me. What?! Is that why he’s been snobby? He didn’t want anyone to notice he fancied me? He didn’t want Keith angry?!

It all happened right under my nose and under the noses of Jess and Ella, too.  Until Pipay spilled the beans I didn’t think Baltazar could possibly be crushing on me.  I didn’t even think Jess and Ella found that a possibility either.  Oh well. Stranger things have happened.


I’ve always known Red is no saint.  I didn’t know he was capable of what Pipay told me though.  Pipay narrated that the girl Gabriel slashed himself over was indeed a bar girl who went around behind Gab’s back to fool around with other MDs.  One of the MDs the said girl fancied was Red.  Red then had a matron regular whom he was seeing outside Earthling.

Pipay said Red was already warned by the Earthling people not to get involved with Gab’s girl.  Red assured everyone he won’t since Gab was his friend.  Well, one day the bar girl went over to Red’s rented room.  One thing led to another and Red and the bar girl did the deed.  They forgot to lock the room though.  Red’s matron went to visit him and caught him and Gab’s girl doing the dirty.  Red was literally caught with his pants down.  Whoa.

It was Red’s matron regular who narrated the story to the bosses of Earthling.  I wonder if Red’s fiance knows about the said story?


Pipay told me that indeed Keith has a new job and is out of the gay bar industry.  The said job, however, is courtesy of Keith’s new gay benefactor.  Keith may not be an MD any longer but he’s still using his body to get by.  As is, Keith gets more perks than just a salary.  He has way more additional benefits.  I guess sleeping with the boss really works.

Pipay candidly narrated that among Keith, Ramon and Carlo, it was only Keith who would look gleeful whenever Pipay would tell them that the three of them should be ready on a certain night because the girls who just want to have fun will be coming.  Pipay told me Keith was genuinely happy whenever it was announced that I would be making him drink recipient.  Oh well.   Pipay also said that Keith once told him that I was strict with him. Ha-ha! I guess I was.  Not that I regret it.


Sylvester has been suspended—again. This time it was because he got drunk again and ended up breaking Earthling property.  Tsk tsk.


Ramon, Colby and Lito are being taught a lesson by their former employer.  Their former employer wants them to experience working for a different boss so they could feel the difference.  The three have been described by their former employer as spoiled.  Hmm. I wonder how long it will take before they learn their lesson?


Pipay confessed that he doesn’t like assisting bar girls.  I asked him why.  Pipay said he doesn’t understand why bar girls will spend their hard earned money on MDs.  He claims she asked a good number of bar girls why they go to gay bars after working the bars themselves.  Pipay said the bar girls had the same answer regardless of what bar they came from:  they wanted young men that are a far cry from the old men who tables them at work.  The bar girls, according to Pipay, all want sex with a hot young man.


I found out that Architect Lydia is sad because Lawrence suddenly stopped communicating with her.  I wonder what gives?


I was full by the end of my time with Pipay—and it was not with food.  I was filled with random tidbits about persons of interest to me and the girls.  There are more stuff I gathered from Pipay but are not to be shared here.

Indeed it is fun to be around the gay bar—just so long as your heart is not involved.  Over dinner with Pipay I again felt as though I was a girl who just wants to have fun. 🙂


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