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After running into Fred (Keith’s former gay benefactor) near my place of work, I didn’t think I would be running into another person of interest outside the bars too soon. Well, guess I was wrong. I caught a glimpse of a person of interest twice last week. Uh huh. Same person not once but twice in a week. Will wonders ever cease?


It was Architect Lydia I saw twice in one week. I saw her first in a restaurant. It was late into the night. I was leaving the place when my eyes met the eyes of a woman occupying one of the tables near the exit. It was Architect Lydia!

I let my gaze stay on hers but it was she who broke the eye contact. Her eyes stayed blank the entire time our gazes were locked. My verdict is that she really didn’t recognize me. I was um, in workout wear and looking very different from the Andrina that hit the bars. As Ella said, the dark makes everyone look different. I was actually quite happy that Architect Lydia didn’t seem to recognize me.

She didn’t send me an SMS asking if it was me she saw so I assume she had no idea it was me, Andrina, she saw that night.


Architect Lydia wasn’t alone when I saw her in the restaurant. The million dollar question now is who was she with?

I didn’t see who was with Architect Lydia but I do know that she was occupying a two seater. It means she was only with one companion. Your guess is as good as mine.


A few short days later, I was going to have coffee close to midnight. Lo and behold I saw Architect Lydia in a coffee shop not far from the restaurant where I saw her a couple of nights earlier.

Architect Lydia’s face was visible from where I was but I only caught a glimpse of the back of her companion. It was an improvement from the night in the restaurant when I didn’t at all see her companion.

That night in the coffee shop, Architect Lydia’s companion was a young man who was muscular, had an earring on the left ear and was clad in a fitted white tee. It was an MD, I bet.

From the back view I doubt that it was Lawrence. It could have been the MD she was seeing in Numero though. OR a new MD altogether.


I remember when Architect Lydia told me that she leads a lonely life. That lonely a life that she’s out with an MD a lot? The same MD perhaps? I think I would be happier if it was a different MD each time but knowing Architect Lydia, it would probably the same MD until and unless the relationship had ran its course already.

Again I was reminded of the temporary cure to loneliness MDs can seem to provide. The emphasis is on temporary. Oh, and expensive at that.


No, I didn’t message Architect Lydia after seeing her twice. I didn’t want her to know I saw her twice in one week. Neither did I want to alert her as to how I look outside the bars and where I hang out.

She’ll contact me when she needs me. Until then I could only assume that her MDs are still doing the job for her. And that she still has the deep pockets to sustain the gay bar going lifestyle.


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Continued from Part 1

When did my affinity switch? When did I feel more compassion for the other gay bar guests? Well, precisely when I can say that I have distanced myself from the Andrina who’s a gay bar guest herself.

Actually, it’s not difficult to feel friendly towards other gay bar regulars who table MDs other than your own regular(s). But to feel friendly genuinely towards other guests who table your regular is another story. That requires objectivity.

A gay bar guest can objectively see things only when he or she himself/herself is no longer interested in a particular MD who earned him/her gay bar ‘foes’ or is simply no longer interested in the gay bar scene. As often said, it’s different from outside looking in. The view is different when seen from inside looking out.


I didn’t expect to feel a wave of compassion for Demi when I realized that she really loves Liam. It’s not sex (or not just sex) she’s after. Neither is making Liam a trophy boy toy her agenda. Of all of Liam’s regulars in the gay bar, Demi is the one I peg as Liam’s molave tree. She’ll probably be there for him when Liam is fat, frumpy and no longer the popular MD he is right now.

When I was able to put two and two together to realize that it was Demi’s celebration months back that Liam was physically attending while still texting me every few minutes or so, I felt guilty. Liam was physically with Demi then but his attention was with me. Liam is not that quick-witted to multitask effectively, mind you. The fact that he was constantly messaging me and keeping up a text conversation meant his time with Demi then was less than quality time. Sorry, Demi. I truly mean that.

Demi is the one I can see myself befriending of all of Liam’s ‘fans’. However, I hope Demi will be able to find a good man who will love her who she is and not for her purse. Sad to say but Liam isn’t that person. Liam loves himself most. And I know for a fact he sees Demi as an ATM machine. I do hope that Demi finds a good man or that Liam turns into a good man who will see how much Demi cares for him for real.


Architect Lydia is another gay bar guest I see as a friend. I don’t think she wanted sex and only sex from Lawrence. Her efforts to lug heavy foodstuff during Lawrence’s birthday and her sadness over the MD’s sudden vanishing act seems to prove me right.

Architect Lydia is probably a lonely woman who somehow loved Lawrence for real. It’s much easier to see Architect Lydia as a friend though because the girls and I were never interested in Lawrence.


Jess and I would not mind befriending Jojo and Josie now. I just don’t think Josie would welcome it. Ha-ha! But if the chance arises, why not? 🙂


There are still other GB regulars I prefer to distance myself from. Ara is one. Her jealous stance and suspicious ways bother me. Plus the fact that she wants to ‘exterminate’ perceived rivals in any possible way.

Nanette is another gay bar regular I wouldn’t want to be friends with. I’d rather keep her at several arms length.

Petra? Please. I hope the girls and I never run into her again. EVER.

Well, I’ve learned never to close my doors to anything or anyone. If I ever do blog about seeing other sides to Ara, Nanette and Petra then that would mean I’ve grown all the more and evolved even more. That would be great material for this blog. 🙂 For now though, I’d really keep these women as non-friends.


As I write about this, I can’t help but think about my good friend Karl. Karl is in love with Bimby, a fast rising MD. I know that Karl sees a good number of other gay bar regulars and gay bar workers as rivals over Bimby. I wonder if Karl has already reached the stage when he feels compassion for other gay bar regulars who fell for Bimby? Is Karl now able to see things from outside looking in? Or is he still stuck in the view from inside looking out?


I’m glad I see things far more clearly nowadays. The fact that I see other regulars not as foes or rivals but as other men/women who want to have a good time or who just want to be slightly less lonely says a lot about my journey as a gay bar regular.

I suppose I can say that I have grown. I no longer see the gay bar as a scary place. I see it more as a lonely place once the lights are gone and the music silenced.

And yes, there are guests who fall in love for real. There are those who take the MD into their real lives and open their homes to them.


Since this blog is all about sharing and empowering gay bar guests or wanna be gay bar guests, then I have to share what I can with you.

1. Observe good manners

Yes, dearies, even in gay bars it pays to observe good manners. Don’t be rude to others in the bar and don’t try to get ahead. If your preferred MD is already tabled then wait your turn or get someone else instead. If you had prior reservations but your MD was still allowed to sit with someone else, talk to the FM calmly and assert your rights politely. Kindness pays off. Really.

2. Stay classy

Even if other guests are rude to you, don’t stoop down to their level. Stay calm and act dignified at all times.

3. Drink moderately

Don’t let alcohol color your perceptions or affect your behavior. Don’t drink on an empty stomach and never drink more than you can handle.


When in doubt, give others the benefit of the doubt. Being a hag wouldn’t get you far anywhere.

GB regulars don’t have to be foes or rivals for attention. If it’s sex they want from the same MD, there’s plenty of that to go around. If it’s love, well, it cannot be truly bought anyway so no sense fighting over that. If it’s time and affection…ah well…let the MD make the choice himself. A smart MD will pick everyone but let them all think that they were the exclusive choice.

Keep your eyes open at all times and expect the unexpected.



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Pipay was good to me recently.  I was clad in what I would call a very nun-like get-up headed for a family thingee with family when I ran into Pipay.  I quickly put my pointer finger to my nose to form a silent sign.  Fortunately, Pipay got what I meant and ignored me.  Whew.

I sent Pipay an SMS subsequently to thank him.  We exchanged a good number of SMS which ended in an impromptu dinner invite.  So off I went to buy Pipay dinner. I didn’t even get to tell Jess and Ella anymore.


My few hours of one-on-one time with Pipay yielded a mountain of information.  Let me share with you some of them.


The girls and I have always thought that this employee, Baltazar, of Earthling disliked us.  Ella and Jess have more than once observed that Baltazar seemed to sport an angry or otherwise unhappy face when he sees us in Earthling.  Baltazar was not welcoming or cordial to us as well.  Jess once told me she thinks Baltazar hates her.  Ella surmised Baltazar is protective of his MDs and feels that the three of us give them false hope that ‘decent’ girls will like them and help them get out of the gay bar.

I remember that I saw Baltazar smile at us only twice. One was when Ella and I were buying food from Carlo’s business venture and ended up blocking Baltazar as he was on his way to park his vehicle.  Ella and I knew by then that Baltazar seemed cold towards us three so we were extra polite to him. Ella even said we were like visitors at Baltazar’s home as we politely made our apologies for having blocked his way.  Baltazar smiled at us then and said he enjoyed watching us eat happily the food we bought from Carlo.

The only other time I remember Baltazar smiling at us was the time we were in Earthling ahead of Pipay.  Baltazar happened to be outside the establishment and had no other choice but to welcome revenue earning bodies to the bar.  Or so I thought.


Pipay told me over dinner something he never told me or the girls before.  Pipay told me that sometime around March or so Baltazar pulled Pipay aside one night the three of us girls were in our regular table with Carlo, Ramon and Keith.  Baltazar apparently told Pipay: “Alam mo, crush ko siya (sabay mostra sa akin).  Gandang-ganda ako sa kanya.  Pero wag kang maingay ha. Baka magalit si Keith.”  [You know, she’s my crush (while looking at my direction).  I find her pretty.  But keep quiet about it. Keith might get angry]

Pipay told me further that Baltazar is so not gay and definitely not angry at me and the girls.  Apparently Baltazar has been crushing on me. What?! Is that why he’s been snobby? He didn’t want anyone to notice he fancied me? He didn’t want Keith angry?!

It all happened right under my nose and under the noses of Jess and Ella, too.  Until Pipay spilled the beans I didn’t think Baltazar could possibly be crushing on me.  I didn’t even think Jess and Ella found that a possibility either.  Oh well. Stranger things have happened.


I’ve always known Red is no saint.  I didn’t know he was capable of what Pipay told me though.  Pipay narrated that the girl Gabriel slashed himself over was indeed a bar girl who went around behind Gab’s back to fool around with other MDs.  One of the MDs the said girl fancied was Red.  Red then had a matron regular whom he was seeing outside Earthling.

Pipay said Red was already warned by the Earthling people not to get involved with Gab’s girl.  Red assured everyone he won’t since Gab was his friend.  Well, one day the bar girl went over to Red’s rented room.  One thing led to another and Red and the bar girl did the deed.  They forgot to lock the room though.  Red’s matron went to visit him and caught him and Gab’s girl doing the dirty.  Red was literally caught with his pants down.  Whoa.

It was Red’s matron regular who narrated the story to the bosses of Earthling.  I wonder if Red’s fiance knows about the said story?


Pipay told me that indeed Keith has a new job and is out of the gay bar industry.  The said job, however, is courtesy of Keith’s new gay benefactor.  Keith may not be an MD any longer but he’s still using his body to get by.  As is, Keith gets more perks than just a salary.  He has way more additional benefits.  I guess sleeping with the boss really works.

Pipay candidly narrated that among Keith, Ramon and Carlo, it was only Keith who would look gleeful whenever Pipay would tell them that the three of them should be ready on a certain night because the girls who just want to have fun will be coming.  Pipay told me Keith was genuinely happy whenever it was announced that I would be making him drink recipient.  Oh well.   Pipay also said that Keith once told him that I was strict with him. Ha-ha! I guess I was.  Not that I regret it.


Sylvester has been suspended—again. This time it was because he got drunk again and ended up breaking Earthling property.  Tsk tsk.


Ramon, Colby and Lito are being taught a lesson by their former employer.  Their former employer wants them to experience working for a different boss so they could feel the difference.  The three have been described by their former employer as spoiled.  Hmm. I wonder how long it will take before they learn their lesson?


Pipay confessed that he doesn’t like assisting bar girls.  I asked him why.  Pipay said he doesn’t understand why bar girls will spend their hard earned money on MDs.  He claims she asked a good number of bar girls why they go to gay bars after working the bars themselves.  Pipay said the bar girls had the same answer regardless of what bar they came from:  they wanted young men that are a far cry from the old men who tables them at work.  The bar girls, according to Pipay, all want sex with a hot young man.


I found out that Architect Lydia is sad because Lawrence suddenly stopped communicating with her.  I wonder what gives?


I was full by the end of my time with Pipay—and it was not with food.  I was filled with random tidbits about persons of interest to me and the girls.  There are more stuff I gathered from Pipay but are not to be shared here.

Indeed it is fun to be around the gay bar—just so long as your heart is not involved.  Over dinner with Pipay I again felt as though I was a girl who just wants to have fun. 🙂


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