24 Nov

There are no permanent friends. There are no permanent enemies. As in showbiz and politics, there are only permanent interests in the gay bar. What are permanent interests, you might ask? Well, what else? Money, money, money.


Jessica used to think that Red is a true friend or at least a brother type. Well, they lost touch and didn’t even bother to greet each other when they respectively celebrated their 2012 natal days.

Jessica was annoyed when Red flirted with her via SMS and tried to ask her out on a date. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back for her.


Lito the MD was closest to Ella though Jess also found him nice. He recently made his presence felt to announce that he’s back in Earthling. I guess he hoped the three of us will visit him and shower him with drinks. Well, he thought wrong. More so after his no-show at a dinner specially organized after he hinted that he missed hanging out with us.

I honestly doubt that he missed hanging out with us. He probably just missed the drinks and tips.


I’m still in touch with Luigi though I haven’t seen him in a while. Luigi is no longer a kid these days. He at least doesn’t look like one. Our relationship stayed the same though. Luigi knows his place and he knows the only reason why he’s still in touch with me whereas Jess and Ella both lost touch with any MD is because I saw him, Luigi, in a familial way.

Luigi is someone I will try to help in ways I can but I know it won’t be a two way street. He’s not someone I’ll run to in case I’m feeling down or sad. He’s more a ward of mine than a friend. That’s fine though. I’d rather be the one helping than be the one in need.


Karl also forgot about Bimby’s birthday. The two are no longer in touch. Karl has moved on and has no more fond feelings for Bimby. Oh well. That’s how the cookie crumbles.


Keith recently asked how the girls and I were doing. That was a surprise. Ha.


Jonas and Lea have called it quits. Jonas is now with a woman who used to be with another MD. The merry go round continues.

Even Jamie is now with yet another different woman. Not the girl he got pregnant, not the bar girl whose been with many MDs. Lalala.


Pipay is also communicating with me less and less. From everyday SMS forwards it’s now down to weekly. I guess not getting any tips lessens the motivation to communicate with us. 😀


There is no surprise on my part, no bitterness whatsoever. I’ve already accepted that it’s just a fact: money is the focus and it’s what makes the world goes around in the gay bars.

The girls and I are still friends though. Same with Karl and myself. That much I’m sure of and thankful for.


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