29 Sep

Indeed life sometimes goes full circle. And there are odd connections here and there. In my case, I find it really interesting albeit a tad creepy that Keith is now abroad. No, his being abroad is not the creepy detail. It’s the fact that he’s now in the exact same town in the exact same country where I once lived. Happily, at that.

I have so many fond memories of that country and that quaint little town. To think that Keith could be going to the same places I used to frequent is the creepy part for me. I even told Keith a little about that country when I still got to talk to him. Keith was always interested to hear about that country.

No, Keith does not know that it was that particular town he’s now residing in that I was telling him about a year ago.

I was just recently thinking that I missed that country and that quaint little town. In fact, had things fallen into place the way I wanted it to, I would have been in that quaint little town this month. Maybe I wasn’t able to go there as planned because I wasn’t supposed to run into Keith in the local supermarket or friendly little market? It definitely would have been very strange for me if I ran into Keith abroad.

I now wax philosophical about me getting to know Keith. Does the fact that he’s now in the exact same town I used to live in play a factor in the ‘why’ we had to meet? Did I end up growing fond of Keith because I was meant to tell him a little about the country he would apparently move to a year later? I don’t know. Perhaps not. Still, it’s a little bit too much a coincidence for me. The circle of life always is.



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