08 Aug

Time and time again I’ve written here that the MDs should be smart enough to save for a rainy day.  It’s a basic fact  that they should all know without having to be told.  

Right now there are literal rainy days in Luzon.  And MDs are heavily affected.

Why would they be affected if they don’t live in flood prone areas, you might ask? Well, when rains are heavy then bars don’t have guests.  In fact at least two bars I know of were closed last night due to the weather conditions in the Metro.  No guests means no income.  No income means no money to buy basic necessities.  

A situation like this is one when it helps to have savings.  An MD who has savings won’t starve even after a week of heavy downpour and no budget from the bar.  Those who live on a hand to mouth basis, on the other hand, go hungry after a day or two of no income.  Same for floor mangers.  At least one FM I know is whining about starving after three nights of no work in the bars.  

Even more affected are the MDs whose homes (and their things including appliances and gadgets) were flooded.  They now would have to start anew and replace what the flood ruined.  

Yes, I sympathize with all the flood victims.  I just don’t sympathize as heavily with MDs and FMs who earn thousands of pesos from tips alone on weekends but choose to splurge rather than save.  If they opted to use their money to buy the flat screen television that the flood ruined then that’s their choice.  Now some of them are starving.  

We all learn from calamities.  I hope the one day millionaire MDs and FMs have, too.

Now rain, won’t you please go away? 


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