09 Mar

Para lang mga Kapamilya, Kapuso at Kapatid ang mga MD at FM na ‘yan! Mga palipat-lipat!

Or kung mahilig ka sa pulitika, isipin mo na para lang silang mga politikong palipat-lipat ng partido!


The GB industry is not unlike showbiz and politics: it’s a small world.

Those in one bar tonight can be in another bar by next week and yet another bar by next month. It shouldn’t surprise you either if by the same time next year he’s back in the bar where you first saw him. They just go round and round in circles.

Unlike TV stars, there are more than three bars to choose from. There are a good number of bars in various parts of Quezon City and then there a good number of bars in the south as well. There are a good number of options for a gyrating Juan de la Cruz.

The people of interest to the girls who just want to have fun

Ethan, the MD I saw in Good Boy, has been to a good number of bars since Good Boy folded. In fact, Ethan even worked in Earthling for a while. Whattasmallworld!

Liam used to work for Hottie. Whenever he would get suspended for one of his misdeeds, Liam will report for work in Earthling. When Liam was suspended a third time in Hottie, he transferred to Earthling for good. Hows’ that for GB allegiance?

Banjo, Jackson and Sylvester have been around. They’ve worked in the far north, in the middle north and down south of Metro Manila. They’ve worked for popular bars in the early 2000s that have already closed. Indeed they’re used to the merry-go-round.

Even young Aaron has worked for two gay bars by the time he reached 18 years old. Yes, he was an underage ‘model’ in his first bar.

A good number of MDs came from hosto bars or otherwise worked as GROs in another gay bar before turning into a fully pledged MD. Karl’s Bimby was one of those ‘converts’.

Lito has worked for a bar that already closed long ago. He, Colby and Ramon were working in Earthling when the girls and I first saw them. Then the three of them transferred to Milky Way. Then they tried their luck in Saturn. Then they gave Hot Stuff a go. Any day now Lito is scheduled to try his luck in yet another bar whereas Colby is back in Earthling while Ramon is M.I.A. and supposedly seeing guests on the sly. Whew. Good thing I’m good at keeping track of things.


I don’t know if MDs and FMs realize how important it is not to burn bridges. The door they might be walking out of tonight might be the same door they’ll be knocking on months from now if their supposed greener pastures don’t pan out.


Loyalty to a gay bar is not a trait most MDs would observe. It’s perfectly acceptable for MDs to hop from one bar to another and then return to their original bar. I estimate that an MD can have several merry-go-round cycles in his entire career as an MD. If it’s a long career such as Banjo’s or Jacksons’s that has already spanned a decade then more cycles are to be expected. Same goes for FMs.

When Karl and I saw familiar faces in Saturn, we weren’t that surprised. It’s all part of the merry-go-round.

Indeed there are no permanent friends and no permanent enemies, only permanent interests. As I’ve written many times: all is fair in love, war and in the gay bar! 😉


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