19 Feb

Yes, I saw for myself that evolution exists even in the gay bar industry. Surprise, surprise.


Pipay again requested an audience with Karl and myself. This time Pipay announced to us that it is confirmed that she’s moving to her greener pastures and leaving her old bar behind.

It really felt like an end of an era and the start of a new, more fab one when Pipay made her little announcement. Karl, on his part, seemed more concerned that there won’t be a ready pair of eyes and ears to watch over Karl’s Bimby. Not the case though. Pipay, like a dying aunt, knew how to find someone to take over the task she’s leaving behind.

In any case, Karl and I are excited for Pipay and her new work. Pipay invited us to visit her at her new bar along with Jess and Ella. The odds are high that the four of us will visit the bar together soon. Really soon.

And from Pipay we got a mountain of information again about our people of interest. This was especially because Pipay introduced Karl and me to another FM, Brita, who herself was a fountain of knowledge about people of interest to us. Karl especially benefited since Brita knew quite a lot about Bimby and Bimby’s FMs.

Here are some of the information that the girls and I especially found interesting:

Carlo and his Ella are encountering some tough luck lately. Ella’s foreigner-spouse has not been sending money and neither has Carlo’s enterprise(s) fared well.
Comment: our Ella didn’t want to say it at first but she ended up blurting out to Jess and me that indeed karma’s a b*tch.

Keith’s benefactor has a new MD-love from a different bar. Keith is no longer a kept man. Will he go back to dancing?

Red has a a new benefactor as well. This time the owner of a rather big enterprise as well. Red sure knows how to make ’em keep on taking it all hook, line and sinker. Bravo, Red, Bravo.

Essie and Nicholas are done. Nicholas is back to working as an MD.

Lito and Sylvester are both rather ‘plump’ nowadays.


Karl and I didn’t call it a night after our little pow-wow with Pipay. Instead, we used the night for Karl to avail of my present for him: twin drinks for his MD of choice as long as it was not BIMBY. Karl and I headed to Saturn. Karl’s intent was to make JC the benefactor of the twin drinks.

When we got to Saturn, a big surprise was waiting: the former lover of Bimby was there and was apparently employed in Saturn already. Whoa. Not only that but they actually recognized Karl in Saturn already. A bunch of people greeted Karl and called Karl by his bar name. Double whoa.

Tardy Boy and the filler

Sometimes the second-stringers just need a chance to show what they’ve got. Well, that was how the night turned out. JC was late. Very, very late that Karl already agreed to give a drink to CB, the young lad who perfectly exemplified the boy-next-door stereotype. Karl already noticed CB when we were there with Ella before but Karl feared that he could fall for a boy-next-door type.

As it turned out, Karl was happy with CB that night. CB was interesting enough for Karl and was a nice, provincial lad. CB was not a flirt though. Unlike with JC before, Karl and CB did not end up holding hands or touching. I liked that. The fact that CB did not come on too strong was a relief. Smooth operators like JC are more problematic.


Karl suggested that I give a drink to Wren that night. Wren was an eye candy for us in December. I don’t know why but my gut feel insisted I don’t give a drink to Wren that night. I told Karl I didn’t feel like giving a drink to Wren.

Of all tardy people to arrive in the bar halfway before closing time, JC was the one who arrived that night. Since Karl had a great time with JC the first time around, I thought it would be a fine idea to have Karl sit between JC and CB while I sit on JC’s other side so I can chat him up when Karl and CB are busy. Karl can talk to JC when CB is away to dance. Fine idea?

As it turned out, it was a fine idea to give JC a drink that night but not for the reasons I initially thought of. Instead it turned out to be a fine idea to give JC a drink so his true colors can be exposed. And my, my, what dark color it was.


Before we headed to Saturn, Karl and I learned that Red’s former generous lover from abroad used to be JC’s generous lover who bought JC a car. It’s a small world after all. Really. Going to Saturn, Karl and I already knew that JC is indeed a true smooth operator. Everything he says should be taken lightly and with many grains of salt (ha-ha).


JC got to Saturn drunk. He was already drinking with a guest somewhere (a booking?) before he went to Saturn. When he got to Saturn, JC told me he thought I was not happy to see him and maybe he better just to home. I told him fine but do so now before he touched the drinks so the same can be transferred to another Md. JC was surprised and he told me: “astig ka!” He was quiet for a while.

Soon enought JC was arrogant again and he kept putting down the contestants on stage in addition to hogging the rather large couch which almost made me fall to the floor a couple of times. I learned how much JC was hogging the couch when he went to the washroom and I was left on the couch with a big space between me and CB. The space could have sat two girls like me or one and half of a young lad like CB.

When JC returned from the washroom, I made him sit on the edge. I was not going to risk falling to the floor a second longer. JC was still a tad drunk and being obnoxious. When he said something and Karl asked me what it was JC said, I was about to say something to Karl when JC pulled me a little too hard to keep me from talking. It was a little too painful so I hit him rather hard and shoved him. JC had the audacity to say again that he’ll just leave and go home. I told him that was a fabulous idea. JC got up and that was that.

I called the FM and told her I was officially complaining about a rude, drunk MD. I told the FM no way was I paying for Jc’s half finished bottle. They could either cancel the orders or give twin drinks under CB’s name instead of JC’s. The FM looked so surprised that someone was actually complaining. The FM ran to whoever was in charge. In the end they allowed the drinks under JC’s name to be transferred to CB.


I wouldn’t call myself and the girls experts as GB guests but neither are we clumsy beginners. We knew how to assert our rights. We knew how and when to get rid of an MD who was not helping us have a good time in the bar. I’m glad I was able to dispose of that snooty JC.

CB later told me I did the right thing. Guests are guests precisely because they are to be treated well and respected. CB further shared that JC was really popular in Saturn and was never without a guest. I told CB that JC might think his popularity and good looks gave him the license to report for work drunk and not on best behavior but that was not going to fly with me and my friends. Especially not at this point when we know quite a lot. Ha-ha.

I felt a little guilty that Karl might be one ‘inspiration’ down now that we’ve seen JC’s true colors but oh well Karl has CB to take over.

CB vs. JC vs. BIMBY for KARL

Of course it’s inevitable that Karl’s relationship with any or either or all of these MDs will cause him pain. Love does that more so loving an MD you met in a guest-MD setting. That having been said, let me give my two cents on this whole CB-JC-Bimby for Karl.

Of the three, JC is out of the running after that night when he was a drunk A-Hole. He did not even send an SMS to Karl to apologize or otherwise explain his side after the incident. Radio silence from his end. I guess JC has one too many guests anyway.

I don’t know much about CB yet but offhand I have to say I favor CB over Bimby for Karl. For one, CB is better looking and has a better physique. Second, CB is a breath of fresh air compared to Bimby. Karl knows what I’m writing about here.

Of course, it would be best if Karl found a love that’s not an MD at all or one he did not meet in a guest-MD scenario.


So where’s the evolution? Well, Pipay is moving to her greener pastures for one. Also, I was able to prove to myself that I was not a timid gb guest. I knew how to assert my rights and not be scared to get rid of a rude MD no matter how popular or good looking he might be.

I did not have much fun with the show in Saturn that night because I found the whole contest thing tacky but it does not mean I didn’t have fun moments. I certainly enjoyed seeing some dances. I know how to have fun and I know my kind of fun. That for me is an evolution I’m mighty glad about.


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