06 Feb

The first week of February was certainly not boring. Not for me, not for the girls and not for Karl. That’s how love month entered for us. As for our lives as gay bar guests, what gives? Well, you already know about Karl’s plight when he went to give Bimby a gift (with Bimby’s consent) only for Bimby not to even find a minute to get the gift personally and thank Karl. Bad Bimby. Bad, bad Bimby!

On the same night, Pipay was the one who received Karl’s gift for Bimby. Pipay also told Karl that he, Pipay, wanted an audience with Karl and myself to seek our advice about something he’s going through. Karl attested that Pipay really looked problematic and distraught. Karl immediately told me about Pipay’s request and I agreed to meet Pipay with Karl for coffee later that week.

Tardy Needy

I don’t know if it’s just me but when I’m the one who requests an audience with someone, I make it a point to be on time. Pipay was tardy that night. We were sending SMS to each other since early on but Pipay left home late. Pipay then went on to complain about traffic. Oh well.

Better than watching ENews

Talking to Pipay was better than watchig ENews or The Buzz. So much information (gossip) escaped from his lips that even Jess was amazed that I managed to remember them all. Of course I immediately told Ella and Jess all that Karl and I learned from Pipay. Here are some that I can tell you:

Red is really quite a liar. He apparently lied to us girls and Karl the last time we saw him over who really helped him when he was severely penalized for his dismal showing at a recent big event in the gay bar.

Oh, and Red has not only been caught by a guest-benefactor doing the deed once but twice (that we know of). One was with someone not his girl but that of another MD. Oh, and Red is (was?) also in a relationship with a married woman. What?! Red, Red. You’re really quite something.

Liam and Chloe are over. Wny? Because Chloe can no longer afford Liam’s requests. The latest one was for Chloe to buy Liam a car. Previous gifts given by Chloe include an expensive pendant, ring and bracelet. The gifts Chloe gave Liam are probably in the one hundred thousand pesos range if we will add ’em all up. Hmmm. No wonder Liam would rather do his ‘job’ rather than use his college course to earn a living. It’s sad to find out these things though.

As for Chloe, Pipay told me that Chloe definitely made the most of his, um, ‘investment’ in Liam. Chloe got his money’s worth from Liam. Good for Chloe. It would have been even more sad if Chloe didn’t after all that he has spent on Liam. Knowing Liam, he sees Chloe the same way he sees Ara and Demi: ATM machines.

A lot of floor managers (FMs) have been head over heels with MDs. Some even go as far as buying groceries for the MD’s family and befriending their wives. One even used to buy a Jollibee burger for the MD’s kid. Love, love, love.

Most of the other information we gathered have to do with Bimby and Bimby’s relationships with two FMs. Karl was shocked to find out that Bimby has actually lived in with an FM and still occasionally spends the night at the house of one. Karl felt disgusted when Pipay admitted the said stuff.


Pipay’s dilemma was whether to stay in the gay bar he currently works for or to move to another one which could be his greener pastures. Pipay got an offer that could definitely work out for him in the long run. Pipay though has never really been much of a risk-taker neither is he ambitious. He prefers to live simply and do what he knows best: being a floor manager.

Karl and I each gave Pipay advice. We emphasized that Pipay should talk to the owners of his current work place if he decides to leave. We told Pipay how important it is to give the owners some courtesy especially since the gay bar industry is small. We never know when Pipay will need to work for his current employers again should his new job (assuming he takes the offer) doesn’t work out. It’s best not to burn bridges.

FM: Not a job to be proud of?

I understand when MDs prefer not to tell people they meet outside the bar that they work as macho dancers. Apparently Pipay is not proud of being a floor manager as well. Pipay told Karl and me that he doesn’t tell others he works as an FM. He’d rather claim to be jobless and depending on his relatives rather than admit that he’s an FM.

Pipay also told us that he has a good number of good looking young men as friends outside the bar. Pipay denied that he helps these young men find, um, ‘clients’. “Bugaw na nga sa loob pati ba naman sa labas?” (Pimp inside the bar and outside?) was Pipay’s dialogue.

I was a little surprised. I never really thought of Pipay as a pimp. Nor did I ever generalize that FMs are pimps. I guess some people do though.


Love month has only started. I wonder what the rest of the month has in stored for the girls who just want to have fun, Karl and our people of interest? Stay tuned.


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