30 Jan

Going to a gay bar is akin to enjoying an interactive entertainment. Watching an MD dance in a gay bar is different from watching an MD macho dance via internet or in a video because the former can turn out to be an interactive experience whereas the latter can’t.

A gay bar guest can opt to table an MD he sees onstage but he or she doesn’t have the same option with an MD he watches on YouTube or on film. An MD can strip on cam but he can’t do an ‘area’ in front of you. A real live MD in a gay bar can approach the guest and the guest can tuck bills inside his briefs or otherwise approach the stage when it is his or her tabled MD dancing.

Indeed going to a gay bar can turn out to be an interactive experience. The guest can talk to his or her MD of choice and even end up exchanging numbers or email addresses and even seeing each other outside the bar. Touching the MD in person also remains an option. The same is not possible with an MD dancing on film.

The good thing about going to a gay bar is that turning the whole experience into an interactive one remains entirely optional. The guest can opt to not table an MD. If he or she tables an MD, the guest still has the option of not maintaining contact outside the bar or not touching the MD physically. It could be a limited interactive entertainment.


Turning the gay bar experience into interactive entertainment naturally has its pros and cons. Life is filled with that and the gay bar is no exception. Surprise, surprise.


1. Nothing beats a live performance

Indeed watching a live performance is still always better than catching the same on film.

2. More options are available to the guest

The guest can opt to talk to an MD, maintain outside contact or just keep it inside the bar. The options are endless. MDs can turn out to be kept men, boyfriends, flings, what-have-yous.

3. No room for regrets

The fact that the guest has the option to talk to the MD and all that leaves no room for regrets. If it was at your finger tips, you can’t really blame fate or someone else if you opted not to grab what you could have grabbed.

Unlike with watching on film or via internet, no if-onlys are there in this case. At least there shouldn’t be.



Yes, of course. Watching an MD dance in YouTube is free. Watching an MD on film is not expensive either. Watching live requires paying entrance fee and buying drinks at the bar at the very least.

Opting to table an MD is even more expensive. All the more if a guest makes an MD his or her kept man.


Meeting and MD and getting to know him puts a guest’s heart at risk. There will always be a chance that the guest could fall in love with the MD.


As I’ve blogged about a lot in the past year, going to a gay bar and then going back there is not for the faint-hearted. It really isn’t. Please read my past posts to understand more if this is the first time you’re reading this blog.


Opting to make the gay bar experience an interactive one is a calculated risk in the end. You can end up winning or end up losing. It’s all up to you how you play the game of chance. Twists and turns will turn up. Just keep your eye on the prize (whatever it is you’re after) and don’t let yourself be distracted.

Most of all: have fun, have fun, have fun (says this girl who just wants to have fun) ! ! ! 😉


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