29 Jan


The girls and I had coffee with Karl after dessert with the 3 MDs. We chatted and scrutinized the passers-by headed for a nearby dance bar. There were attractive people, there were not-so attractive ones and then there were characters. It was just a time to chill.

Ella was not in the best of moods. She was a little apprehensive over stuff involving her career. Jess and I wanted to go to a dance bar. Karl was okay with the idea. Ella wouldn’t budge from her seat even though it was her finding a certain guy headed for that dance bar attractive that triggered Jess’s and my desire to go to the said bar. In contrast to Ella, Jess was in one of her better moods.

Jess seemed too fascinated with Red and his texting though. The flirtation’s still there. Jess seems receptive somehow whether she realizes it or not. They are so NOT real brother and sister types. Ella finally told Jess to ignore Red’s messages and stop replying.

I for one so love it when the girls who just want to have fun are complete. Ella is the big sister and I don’t have to do anything other than enjoy myself as the lazy middle child. When Ella is not with us I have to fill her shoes. I prefer being the middle child. Really.

Before curfew struck, Jess dropped Ella home. I didn’t want to go home yet and neither did Karl. We stayed in the coffee shop and continued to observe people while blabbing away.


I was bored at some point. Karl was the sad one. Why was I bored? Well, I was very much awake thanks to the many cups of coffee I had. Why was Karl sad? Because he got news that one of his rivals over Bimby was in the gay bar and tabled Bimby.

There was no plan to visit any gay bar, mind you. I didn’t even want to step inside a gay bar that night. It all changed though when Karl broke down and cried.

My heart went out to Karl who felt so vulnerable and hopelessly in love with Bimby. Karl wanted to see Bimby. Karl contemplated breaking up with Bimby. What did I do as a good friend? Well, I gave in and agreed to go to the bar with Karl so Karl can see his ever precious Bimby. Sigh.


So this girl who just wants to have fun stepped inside a familiar gay bar again after many months of hibernation. It was as though I was in the same place but with a new set of eyes. I saw things differently. I felt different. It was not bad. It was not just the same as when I last went there with Jess.

I was able to enjoy good performances. I found some impersonators bland. I still got jolted whenever an MD danced ATW. Some things haven’t changed I guess.

But then some things have changed. I was cold and clinical mostly.


Karl and I made some people happy by going to the bar that night. Pipay, for one. Pipay was tickled pink that I was again stepping inside the bar she works for. She went as far as pulling me with her to introduce me to the owner of the joint as 1/3 of the girls who just want to have fun. Well, well.

Luigi was another person who ended up quite happy. We were exchanging SMS the entire time before Karl broke down and cried. Luigi had just sent me a message asking if I was home already. The next thing he knew Karl and I were in the bar.

When Bimby joined Karl, I bought Luigi drinks as well. Luigi and I just gabbed and laughed. At some point Luigi commented that Karl was all over Bimby like a snake while Bimby was biting Karl like a dog. I told Luigi that it felt like we were in an animal farm with a snake and a dog. “Puro kahayupan ang nasa paligid natin!”Luigi found that hilarious.

Karl lit up like a Christmas tree when Bimby sat next to him. He reminded me very much of Ella during Ella’s Carloholic days. There’s no sense denying it: Karl is nuts over Bimby.

I took more photos of Karl and Bimby for Karl’s memory book. At least now Karl would have something tangible to remember Bimby by no matter what.


Karl left the bar under not-so-happy circumstances. Apparently Karl and Bimby had another misunderstanding. Karl felt like Bimby was pushing him away and sending him home.

Luigi and I as always just chilled and chatted. I had no inkling that there was trouble in paradise with our love birds (still animals for our animal farm) until after Karl and I had already left.

I really felt that Bimby has been quite a jerk. He should have been a gracious MD at the very least. Karl deserves so much better. Lately I’ve been thinking that Karl is better off with JC. At least JC is a hot looker. Bimby isn’t even that attractive. Sorry, Karl. Objectively JC is a 10 whereas Bimby is a 7 at best. Bimby would even rate a 5 or lower with Ella.


Yes, I ended up spending that night without planning to. Yes, I ended up stepping inside a familiar bar without being emotionally prepared to do so. And without my girls at that.

However, I don’t regret having done so. I was able to accompany Karl. I saw Karl’s face light up like a Christmas tree. Seeing your friend happy (no matter how momentary that was) is priceless. I’d rather be a good friend than a rich loner. If I only had more money then I would have thrown them at Bimby and ordered that MD to be nicer to Karl and to make sure Karl is happy.

Karl says Bimby is somehow scared of me. Good. I hope that’s true. What is this, Ramon all over again?!

I have a feeling I’ll be stepping inside a gay bar again in 2012. It’s only January after all. 11 months to go.


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  1. lovebloglovebug

    January 30, 2012 at 8:18 am

    now i am crying again my friend. i don’t know why but i was crying the whole time i was reading this.


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