28 Jan

It all began when Lito made his presence felt via internet. Lito caught me when I was online and said he hasn’t been working for a while now. Lito had other sob stories to tell. Lito strongly hinted that it would make him immensely happy should he receive a dinner invitation from the girls who just want to have fun. He said he missed the times like the only time he was invited to dinner with us girls in 2011.

I told Jess about Lito. Jess and I felt sad that Lito has been having problems. Lito has always been someone Ella found nice and pleasing to talk to. Lito hasn’t been abusive of our kindness either. He was very much in our good graces. Jess and I came up with the plan to invite Lito to dinner. We decided to invite Red and Luigi as well and make a party out of it. From there the plan went full blast

Remembering Karl and his worries about being seen with Bimby in public, we decided to invite him and his Bimby as well.

Ella’s reluctance

Karl was okay with the plan from the get-go. It was Ella who was reluctant at first when she found out that four MDs will be invited. Ella told me she would think about it first. She soon agreed though. I wonder why Ella was initially reluctant. Have Ella’s wounds not fully healed? Only she knows.


Luigi, Red and Lito all said yes when we each invited them. I invited Luigi, Jess invited Red and Ella invited Lito. It was ‘family day’ for the girls since Jess and I treated Luigi and Red as brothers whereas Ella liked Lito in non-romantic and non-sexual ways as well.

The challenge was with Karl and Bimby. Bimby didn’t know that Karl knew Jess, Ella and myself. Karl had to let Bimby know though when the dinner came up. I’ll let Karl discuss in his blog what he did and why but suffice it to say, Bimby was surprised to discover that he would end up having dinner not just with Karl but also with the girls who just want to have fun and also with his friends Luigi, Red and Lito.

Surprise, surprise.

Bimby finding out that his ‘friends’ will be present helped ensure his attendance at the dinner.


The date arrived. The girls and I arrived first at the venue. Karl arrived next. Bimby arrived first among the MDs. Luigi and Red arrived together. And of all twists, it was the person who was the reason why dinner plans were initiated in the first place who didn’t show up. Yes, Lito was a no-show and without so much a ‘sorry’ or any text to Ella whatsoever.

Ella told us that that night would be the last time dinner plans for Lito would be initiated. I agree wholeheartedly. I guess someone fell from grace that night, eh?


Karl was in the process of ‘making memories’ that night. He wanted stuff to remember Bimby by if and when the time to let go arrives. I helped him by taking photos of him and Bimby at the restaurant. Quite a lot of photos, mind you.

That night was not spared from dramatics caused by Bimby. It was all between Karl and Bimby though.


Red was quite the surprise that night. He was not late, he ate enough and he was surprisingly better looking than we all thought he would be. Jess and I enjoyed picking on him still. We had a few good laughs then.


Poor Luigi was sick that night and wasn’t able to eat as much as he wanted to. Luigi was looking forward to dinner the entire week only to catch a bug that made him unable to eat much. Tsk, tsk.

Bimby would tease Luigi a lot over the course of the dinner but Luigi took things in stride. He has a sense of humor, mind you. My brother was quite a star that night.


Yes, there were awkward moments. Bimby felt nervous at first since it was the first time he would be facing the girls who just want to have fun. Also because he was not used to going to restaurants like the venue of our little outing. The MDs would often take bathroom breaks together, leaving me and the girls plus Karl alone in our table.


We changed venues for dessert. The girls and I took the car while Karl and the boys walked.

Dessert was okay as well though Red ate little. The boys pocketed all the sugars and creamers provided and in a not-so-discreet way, mind you. The boys told us that sugars and creamers were so expensive in the stores near the gay bar.

Red teased Ella by looking at her pointedly while mentioning Carlo’s name. At some point over dinner Red did the same to Jess when he asked Jess how Ramon was. Good thing Red didn’t try that trick with me or else he would have had it coming to him. Ha-ha.


We gathered some information about some of our people of interest from the boys over dinner and dessert. Here are some of the stuff we learned:

RUFFA and LAWRENCE used to be an item. What?!

RED was punished severely for his dismal showing in a recent big night of the club. Aljur was spared though despite his own dismal showing.

Not much has been heard of from Ramon as of late.


Ella, Jess, Karl and I said goodbye to the boys after dessert. The boys headed to work while the four of us had coffee at a nearby joint. You would have thought it was the end of the night but it wasn’t. I’ll tell you in my next post.


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