18 Sep

I heard through the grapevine that only the pets of the floor managers get tabled in some bars.  One floor manager would usually have about five MDs he or she grooms as his/her pet (or bet if your prefer such term).  The MDs who are not amongst those being groomed by any of the floor managers in the bar would then have to depend on guests who would request to table them. Unless a guest insists he or she is interested in the said MD, the MD who is not in the stable of any of the floor managers in the bar would not get tabled. Or so I heard.


I recall how Ruffa, this floor manager from Earthling, kept shoving Colby and Carson to Jess and me earlier this year.  Ruffa was obviously taking care of the two and wanted Jess and me to go for his pets.

Pipay, on the other hand, was very insistent that I try talking to Sylvester in January.  It seemed like Pipay favored Sylvester as well.  I suppose it is true to some extent that floor managers indeed do have their handpicked favorites.


I heard that the MDs/models from this certain bar are all going to leave one by one unless additional floor mangers are taken in.  As is, only a handful of MDs are being tabled because the two to three floor managers in the said bar have a couple of pets each whom they keep referring to walk-in guests.  The solution the MDs have in mind is to have additional floor managers who would enter the bar free from bias (supposedly).  But then again won’t the new floor managers just build their own stables of pets?  Is the goal to ensure that every MD belongs in one stable? Hmmm.


When I started poking around in Earthling’s case, I found that things are slightly better there.  The floor managers generally don’t build their own stables of MDs. Sure, there may be personal favorites but I heard that the odds of getting tabled by walk-ins do not entirely depend on the mercy of the floor managers.  From what I was told, the playing field is more even for the Earthling MDs.

I heard that Carlo (yes, Ella’s Carlo) was not the favorite of any floor manager in Earthling but he still is one of the most successful MDs there. Why? Because he looks good, dances well and is popular with guests.  Carlo is requested by guests who see him grace the stage.  He doesn’t need to be marketed heavily because his appearance along with his ability to emote while dancing erotically speaks volumes.


I heard though that Baltazar, a trusted employee in Earthling, indeed plays favorites as well.  He has his own bets.  From those I know to be his favorites I can say that Baltazar tends to handpick those who either generate lots of money for the bar from the get-go or those he sees as an MD that would get very far in the industry.  If he’s unsure of a particular MD then the poor lad ain’t gonna be in Baltazar’s good graces.


Indeed even the gay bar is not spared from politics.  Politicking exists even in the smallest levels. MDs suck up (no double meaning or pun intended) to floor managers, owners and other high-ranking officials in a bar.

So what can we guests do to help? For one, take what a floor manager says with a grain of salt.  Maybe he or she is building up an MD because the said MD is his or her pet?  If you really want to meet a certain MD, then go do so regardless of who the floor manager is shoving your way.  You can always dismiss your personal choice after one drink if he proves to be a tool or otherwise not what you’re looking for.  There are still many nights left in your lifetime to meet the MD the floor manager is pushing for.

In the end, just trust your instincts. Oh, and have fun 🙂


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