02 Sep

Ella recently discovered some information about Carlo and Carlo’s girlfriend also named Ella.


Ella found out that Carlo’s Ella is actually married to a foreigner based abroad. Carlo’s Ella has children with the foreign man. Carlo is actually the kept man and not the legitimate husband.

Carlo’s Ella seems to have money to help finance Carlo’s business ventures. Our Ella wonders if all that money comes from the foreign husband or if Carlo’s Ella still works the bars because the monetary support from the foreigner husband is just enough for the small children.


Ella made the analogy that Carlo’s Ella seems to be a female Jonas somewhat—-but worse. With Jonas, it is the legal wife he’s canoodling with behind the back of the post-operative transsexual lover based abroad. Yes, it is not right for Jonas to use his post-operative transsexual lover for money but the fact remains that the woman in the Philippines he’s living with is the legal wife.

Carlo’s Ella, on the other hand, is fooling her legal husband (if theyr’e married, that is—-it seems so but we can never be too sure) or at least the father of her children who’s faithfully sending monetary support. Carlo’s Ella is singing a love tune with the dark, dusky MD Carlo while her children live with other relatives in the province and the father of the children is working hard in his home country.


Like the family of Jonas, the family of Carlo’s Ella also knows about the relationship between Carlo and his Ella but keeps the same a secret from the foreigner husband of Carlo’s Ella. They are all part of the dance—-all for the money it seems? Carlo’s Ella seems most well-off among her relatives and that’s courtesy of the foreigner husband’s money. Why rock the boat seems to be the family philosophy. Let Carlo’s Ella have her fun but keep it hush-hush.


Our Ella is even more awake if that’s at all possible. She realized that she really doesn’t want Carlo in her life. How Carlo and his Ella could do that to the elder foreign husband of the latter is beyond comprehension. For our Ella, it shows lack of delicadeza on the part of Carlo and also on that of his Ella.


I don’t know how Carlo and his Ella could have a happy ending. Ella and her foreigner husband still seem ‘officially’ together. They have children together and very young ones at that. It is also obvious that Carlo’s Ella depends on the foreign man for financial support. Clearly, Carlo and his Ella cannot get married or have a baby at this point.

Can they really end up together? Can they have their own happily ever after together?

Carlo told our Ella before that his Ella (I know it’s confusing but you can do it—-you can follow the trail of the Ellas) was considering taking the children to the country of the foreign husband. Carlo was sad over the thought that his Ella would leave the Philippines to be with the foreign man. In addition to that, Carlo’s Ella has also been a kept woman of high ranking officials in certain branches of the government. Carlo’s life has even been threatened because of the involvement of his Ella with such person.

Our Ella is of the opinion that Carlo and his Ella are in a mutually beneficial relationship. Some form of commensalism, eh? And our Ella believes that money is a big chunk of it all—at least on the part of Carlo.

After all these discoveries, it’s crystal clear that Carlo being out of our Ella’s life is a good thing.


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  1. Temasek

    December 16, 2012 at 4:41 pm


    I enjoy reading your articles, but there is one thing I would like to point out and I hope you will do something about it: Why don’t you just drop that “The Gonograd Resident” from your blogroll because it does not exist anymore. Twice, I googled it to no avail. Also, I wonder if you will still be posting articles come January.


    • theunscratchableitch

      December 17, 2012 at 10:16 am

      Thank you for your comment. I am rather fond of The Resident of Gonograd and that is why I kept his blog on my list. We corresponded before and his blog helped me a lot. Perhaps in 2013 I will remove his blog from my list and move on with life. 🙂

      I will continue to write now and then, yes, when I have something of relevance to share. You can email me anytime at too.



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