27 Aug

Now to pick up where we left off.


Ella noticed Colby the night Jess picked him as tablemate.  Ella later saw photos of Colby which made her realize that Colby’s  body is smokin’.  Ella went on to save photos of Colby in her mobile phone.  Jess herself had a crush on Colby at the same time albeit an overt infatuation at that. Of course we all knew that Jess still liked Ramon best.

Ella and Colby chatted once or twice via internet during this period.  Ella wanted to spend time with Colby in Earthling and see the attractive fellow up close.  Jess suggested that Ella tables both Colby and Carlo at the same time.  Ella didn’t want that.  It had to be either or. At that time Ella was leaning towards Colby more.  Carlo has been absent for a while and I guess absence doesn’t always make the heart grow fonder.

When we returned to Earthling as a group after our New Year Celebration, Ella picked Colby for the main round.  It was the same night the Unpleasant Incident occurred. Before the incident trumped everything else,  Ella and Colby got to chat.  Ella, however, realized that Colby’s personality is not one she finds interesting.  More so, Ella found Colby a less than diligent MD.  Compared to Francis who was a P.A. and MD rolled into one, Colby was lazy.  Ella didn’t think he was paying attention to her as much as a good MD would.

After Sylvester was unceremoniously kicked out from our table (and our lives—or so we thought), Colby started talking to me and it soon became crystal clear that Ella and Colby wouldn’t be a love team or anything of that sort.  Colby was more attentive towards me.  Try as I did not to pay attention to Colby, it was still apparent that he wasn’t meant to be Ella’s regular. Worse, I ended up having natural rapport with Colby.  I kept my distance from Colby though.

In any case, Colby remains the lone MD that Jess, Ella and I found attractive at the same time.  He could have caused problems but thankfully, the bond between us girls was much stronger.  Colby wasn’t worth it and there was no love involved at all on any part.


Soon after Ella decided that Colby, despite having a hot body, wasn’t an MD she’d want to keep around, Carlo became active in Earthling again.  After another mix-up during Banjo’s birthday bash that prevented them from meeting yet again, the star-crossed couple finally met.  Jess and I reserved Carlo for Ella and they finally got to have one on one time—AT LAST!!!!! I still smile when I recall how happy Jess and I were when Carlo took his seat next to Ella for the first time.  Jess and I had to excuse ourselves to the ladies’ room where we spent at least a full minute jumping up down and screeching with joy.

Carlo is Ella’s physical type.  He’s dark, toned and had lovely facial features.  Ella knew that Carlo is the pinnacle of all pinnacles for her as far as MDs go.  There can’t be anyone above Carlo for her physically.


Everyone seemed to know that Ella was smitten with Carlo even before Ella herself did.  When Carlo took the stage during Banjo’s birthday bash, Banjo gave Ella tissue to wipe the drool off her face. Ha-ha!  Keith did the same thing the first night both Carlo and Keith joined our table.  Pipay herself said that from the start she pegged Ella as the one who could fall for an MD (namely, Carlo) out of us three girls.

Ella ended up liking Carlo more and more each time she saw the dark, dusky MD.  She poured her heart out to him and shared information she wouldn’t have shared with other MDs.  She even gave him her real name.  There was a point when Ella wanted to return to Earthling just to support Carlo’s business venture near the establishment.  She even went as far as paying for my drinks and that of my chosen MD just so I would accompany her on a dead weeknight to see Carlo.

Ella only really realized for herself that she was falling for Carlo when she and I went to Good Boy.  Every MD in Good Boy that night was good looking. Everything about the place was better than Earthling and yet Carlo was the only one in Ella’s mind.  Ella shed tears while we were in Good Boy.  To be thinking about only one MD who was not there when surrounded by hot young men was a clear indication that the heart was already singing a love tune.

Wake-up Call

Carlo’s behavior has been a tad suspicious from the start.  He initially claimed he lost his mobile phone.  It soon became clear that Carlo didn’t want to have contact with a guest outside the bar but he couldn’t say so nicely and directly.  Ella later found out that Carlo had a mobile phone after all.

The real wake-up call though happened during the Ides of March when the girls who just want to have fun made a weekday spur of the moment visit to Earthling primarily for Carlo. Carlo’s girlfriend was with him when us three girls dropped by his stall.  Carlo at least had the balls to introduce his girlfriend to Ella that time.  As it turned out, his girlfriend was also named Ella.

Our Ella didn’t crumble.  She remained calm and told me and Jess to act as though everything was fine.  Jess and I were angry for her—-Jess especially.  Ella’s heart was shattered but she was also thankful that the spell was broken.  Ella has already gone down that route before.  She doesn’t want to be involved with a man in a relationship or otherwise pursue such a man.  Ella was ready to let go of Carlo.

Sucking it up

Ella is a pro at sucking it up.  Despite her shattered heart, she got through a challenging time in her professional life that quarter and managed to keep up pretenses in Earthling.  She tabled Carlo four more times after finding out that Carlo lied about having no mobile phone and no girlfriend.  Ella also went through the planned dinner with the MDs and the bridal shower.  Ella didn’t show any bitterness towards Carlo.  Carlo was able to talk about his girlfriend with our Ella and was able to whip out his mobile phone in front of us in the restaurant despite not having asked for our Ella’s mobile number.

Ella was so good at keeping up pretenses that she had even Jess and me fooled a lot of times.  She would belatedly admit that she felt a pinch in her heart when it became apparent that Carlo loves his Ella.  Only after such instances would it dawn on me how much it must have taken for Ella to keep a smile on her face when it hurt deep inside.

Soon enough Ella realized that she and Carlo are less than friends.  Carlo didn’t want to be friends with her.  He couldn’t afford to be more than friends all the more since he had great financial needs that Ella couldn’t provide for.  Ella felt that Carlo placed a wall between them during the bachelorette party we hosted.  It all the more affirmed to Ella what she is to Carlo: a guest and nothing more.

During the last time they saw each other in June, Ella and Carlo talked like casual acquaintances.  They played a game in Ella’s tablet pc and chatted about being tired all the time.  Ella admits she still finds Carlo good looking but that’s that.


Charlie is the comic relief in Ella’s gay bar life.  Charlie is someone she noticed when she was still into Carlo.  Ella found Charlie physically attractive.  When she tabled him for two drinks and Charlie opened his mouth, things went downhill.  Charlie is rather crass and crude.  Ella found someone who can match her tit for that and out-crass her to the hilt as well.

Charlie became Ella’s textmate.  Previously, Ella thought having no MD textmate was her loss.  She knew that Jess was on texting terms with Ramon and Red whereas over a dozen MDs ended up texting me.  When Charlie started pestering Ella via text, Ella realized that having an MD textmate is a double edged sword.  With Charlie, she got the blunt part.  In fairness to Charlie, he really did find Ella attractive physically. Unlike Carlo who wanted Ella to lose weight, Charlie liked Ella just the way she is.  Ella decided that Charlie was too crude for her though.  She cut ties with Charlie soon enough by ignoring his text messages and not being that nice to him as well.

Charlie also bothered Carlo somehow. Because of Charlie, Carlo was dramatic towards Ella for a while.  Carlo thought he was being replaced as regular.



Ella found Matt dashing, yes.  Ella also mistook him for someone working in her office.  The officemate of Ella’s was but a doppleganger of Matt though. For a while Ella, Jess and I were fond of Matt until he got too spoiled.  Matt, however, was the MD who cheered up Ella the night us three went to Earthling for some Chicken Soup for the Soul and during the Ides of March when we discovered the truth about Carlo.  Ella tabled Matt a number of other times but she was never really into him.


Banjo was most comfortable with Ella.  Ella and I agree that it seems like Banjo harbored the illusion for a time that Ella might like him.  Ha-ha! Too bad for him he’s soooo not Ella’s type.


Ella had her fun in the gay bar.  She enjoyed the eye candies and the beefcakes.  She even enjoyed the not-so beefcakes like Uncle Bob—but in a different way. Ella managed to poke fun at everyone and even herself.  She had a good run until storm signal Carlo hit.  Even when it did, Ella still managed to enjoy her little time with Jackson and Lito.  I’m not certain if Ella was more distracted from her professional goals by the entire experience as compared to finding an avenue to channel her fun side.  However, the fact remains that Ella did have fun.

I don’t doubt that Ella can reclaim her fun should she have the time and desire to do so.  Now that her storm signal Carlo is but a distant memory, Ella is but a girl who just really wants to have fun when she does step inside a gay bar. 😉


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