24 Aug

Ella is not getting off that easily.  She claims not to remember her adventures and misadventures in the gay bar.  Fortunately, I do remember it all. And this blog has been a faithful journal of it all in case I needed to verify anything. Why a recap episode for Ella and not Jess? Well, Jess is still an ongoing case.  In any case, Jessica’s recap will read something like: Ramon, Ramon, Ramon.  Used Red to make Ramon jealous.  Had a little crush on Colby. Ramon, Ramon, Ramon. 

Ella’s time in the gay bar, however, will take more than one or two paragraphs to reminisce.  Ella may be focused on her career nowadays but she also had her share of gay bar happenings with beefcakes to boot.  Let’s take a walk down memory lane and help refresh dear Ella’s memory. 🙂


An MD made a strong impression on Ella the very first night we stepped inside the gay bar together.  That MD was Carlo.  While Jess had her eye on Ramon, Ella marveled at the black/brown beauty that was Carlo.


During our first few times in the bar, Ella manifested another side to her: the Maria Clara.  Ella was shy in the bar.  When Jess suggested we table a dancer, Ella looked panicked.  For someone usually so outspoken, Ella was a tad prudish when tabling a dancer came up.

Ella couldn’t even look at Carlo when Jess and I wanted to get him as her tablemate.  Jess and I were unsure during our second night in Earthling if the MD Pipay brought to our table was indeed Carlo.  We asked Ella to confirm the identity of the MD but Ella couldn’t even glance at the boy she fancied from a distance.  As a result, Jess and I ended up sending the boy back to the locker room only to belatedly realize that the said boy was indeed Carlo.  The said event caused a minor setback since Ella and Carlo weren’t to formally meet till months later.


Since Ella was to shy to choose her own tablemate and Carlo was already miffed when we returned him to the locker area, Jess and I chose an MD for Ella from the showroom.  We ended up agreeing on Ned, a young looker with aquiline nose.  Ella didn’t fancy Ned the same way she fancied Carlo but she later realized that Ned was indeed good looking.  Ned was a little conservative and chauvinistic though but it didn’t bother Ella since she wasn’t interested in him the way she was with Carlo.

We never saw Ned again after that night but Ella harbors good memories of having been tablemates with a looker that was Ned.


Jess and I tried to reserve Carlo for Ella before our planned Earthling Wonderland night.  Unfortunately, Carlo was on leave.  Ella ended up having to pick from the all-cast during our Christmas get-together.  The moment we saw Francis, all three of us knew Ella would pick him.  Francis was tall, buff and very much an Adonis incarnate.  He had a thick mane of hair and moved rather slowly and deliberately.

Francis impressed all three of us that night by being an all-around help: G.R.O. and personal assistant.  Francis was very diligent in wiping spills, pouring ice and the like.  Ella was into Francis that night.  In fact, Francis had his arm around Ella after a while.  Ella was the first to have physical contact with an MD.  😉

When Ella and I dropped by Earthling briefly for drinks before the new year, we saw Francis come in late.  Ella didn’t greet Francis though.  By that time Ella was worried that she could fall for Francis if they had more contact.  Unlike Jess and me, Ella is capable of taking it to the next level regardless of what others around her might say.  She’s the woman.

Take Two with Francis

We thought Ella would finally meet Carlo during our New Year celebration.  Unfortunately, a gay guest got to Carlo first.  Ella again had to choose from the all-cast.  Ella was torn at the start between Matt whom she found dashing and Francis, the MD she enjoyed during our Earthling Wonderland time.  I pressed Ella to choose and she chose Francis.

Ella’s second time with Francis was an eye-opener.  Francis didn’t even remember her name or if she had previously tabled him.  Instead of seeing Francis as a diamond in the rough, we saw him as a commodity with a best before date stamp.  Francis seemed to know it, too, since he told Ella he would consent to being a kept man if any gay guy or matron offered to billet him in an apartment or condo unit.

Ella, at first, kept her bag between Francis and herself.  When she realized that there was no danger that she would fall in love with that guy, she removed the barrier and sat closer to him.  Francis had his arm around her again and they were a tad sweet.  Ella knew though that it was the last time she would pick Francis.

Underwear and Adios

Unfortunately, the birthday of Francis was just around the corner.  Ella thought she would buy him a gift which would also double as a parting present.  The girls who just want to have fun joked about buying Francis underwear.  When it materialized, Jess and I found ways to bail out of our schedules to accompany Ella during her underwear shopping day.

Ella ended up giving Francis four pairs of underwear which she chose with assistance from Jess and me.  The last time Ella would see Francis turned out a tad dramatic though.  It was the night when Ella chose Colby as tablemate.  Francis, as it turned out, approached Pipay and asked why he wasn’t chosen. In any case Francis was tabled by two guests that night so he wasn’t going home empty handed.

Just before closing time, Ella got to talk to Francis.  She gave the gift and some tip, too.  It was quite a scene, mind you.  Ella was seated next to Colby when Francis passed by.  Colby said he will leave them to talk first.

Francis told Pipay days later that the briefs don’t fit him.  He said they were too small but that he was thinking of sewing them together.  What?!

Francis left Earthling shortly afterwards.  We would sometimes rib Ella that he left because she gave him briefs that don’t fit.  Ha-ha! I wonder what became of Francis?


Ella, once she got over the initial shyness in the bar, turned into a vocal admirer of the beefcakes onstage.  She was so vocal that Ramon thought she liked almost everyone.  Ramon dubbed Francis as Ella’s dream boy.  Ramon thought Ella was into Jackson. Ramon also copied my rib and referred to Matt as Ella’s Matt. Ha-ha! Oh, and Ramon told Ella that she looks like his ex-girlfriend.  We later saw a photo of the alleged ex and indeed the resemblance was striking.  Interesting. 😉

In truth, Ella still had eyes only for Carlo.  She was sidetracked a little though when Colby caught her eye.

More in Part 2……


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