27 Jul

Nanette is a wealthy matron who frequents Earthling. She’s pushing 50 or in her fifties, plump and dresses quite daring at times. Jessica especially noticed once how short Nanette’s skirt was. Ramon sarcastically remarked: “Nagdadalaga eh!” (she’s blossoming into womanhood).

The girls and I have seen Nanette a couple of times in the gay bar. We’ve also heard so many things about her, some directly from the people who were involved with her at one point or another.

Nanette has had a number of boy toys from Earthling. She’s had her share of ‘flavors of the month’. Carlo was the first MD who shared information to Ella about Nanette. As it turned out, Carlo and Nanette have gone out a couple of times and Nanette wanted to make Carlo her boy toy. Carlo, however, wanted a ‘relationship’ with Nanette. He wanted the power to control Nanette’s actions and even her way of dressing. The girls and I thought it was more a case of Carlo wanting a guarantied sum or other material benefits. Ella was of the opinion that Carlo was purposely seeking Nanette’s attention when the MD threw his bikini briefs towards her, Nanette’s, direction during one performance.


Carlo revealed that Colby was Nanette’s boy toy at some point. Nanette supposedly even went on to graphically describe to Carlo her sexual activities with Colby. I surmised that Colby must have been drunk or otherwise drugged each time he had to have intercourse with Nanette. That or Colby has a stronger stomach than he seems to have. I can’t say I’m surprised Colby was Nanette’s boy toy for a while. Colby seems capable of doing stuff all for money, money and more money.


Carlo also revealed that Sylvester was but yet another boy toy of Nanette. I asked Sylvester about it the night we made our peace. Yes, that’s Andrina for you. I had just made peace with the guy and I was already asking him for gossip—ha-ha! Talk about multitasking! 🙂

Sylvester said he and Nanette fell apart when Nanette wanted something from him that he cannot give her. I assume Sylvester meant sexual intercourse. Sylvester told me his parting with Nanette was amicable. Nanette supposedly gave him a drink in Earthling then told him that she won’t be giving him drinks in the future. Sylvester said he told Nanette he understood and that was that.

I don’t know what the truth is in this case but I do know that Sylvester was a regular of Nanette for some time.


Even quiet Arthur was revealed to have been a boy toy of Nanette. Nanette has really been around.


Aaron admitted to me that Nanette told him to stop working and just stay home in exchange for a certain amount each month. Aaron called it his ‘allowance’. Aaron said he and Nanette saw each other twice a week. They supposedly met for dinner whenever Nanette would message him. I didn’t bother to find out what happened after dinner. I asked Aaron though if he ever went to Nanette’s house to which Aaron said no.

When Aaron told me he likes me, I told him he might be looking for another Nanette. Aaron told me his intentions with me are different from that of his with Nanette. Aaron seemed incredulous that I would think he actually liked Nanette.

Aaron didn’t like talking about his thing with Nanette. He admitted though that he and Nanette have been together twice and broken up twice. Aaron said Nanette was rather pompous at times and quite strict. Aaron admitted he’s rather slow and deliberate in his movements and hence, often late. Nanette supposedly hated that. Aaron emphasized though that it was always Nanette who tried to woo him back and not the other way around. Hmm, what talent could Aaron have for Nanette to want to woo him back instead of moving on to the next MD?


I admit that I’ve long been curious about Nanette. What do the girls and I know about her at this point? For one, we know that Nanette is a businesswoman. Jess and I even went to one of her stores last summer to sample her wares. Our conclusion was that Nanette’s wares were nothing special. Heehee.

Through Aaron, I found out that Nanette has children—3, I think. One of her kids is already in college—very near in age if not slightly older than Aaron in fact. The youngest kid is in high school. I teased Aaron if Nanette’s kids used to call him ‘uncle’. Aaron didn’t find that funny.

Aaron said the allowance Nanette gave him was a modest amount, nothing really big. It was Nanette’s promise to send him to school that made Aaron agree to stop working in exchange for being Nanette’s kept man. Ella took it to mean that Nanette was stingy. Ha-ha!

Aaron told me Nanette would wear clothes that are far from modest when they would go out to dinner. Aaron said he would always order Nanette to adjust her clothes to keep things GP (General Patronage) which Nanette would heed. Aaron further shared with me that Nanette is no longer with her husband. And that I ought to know what Nanette wanted from him (Aaron).

Indeed Nanette seems to be a lonely woman deep down. A lonely but wealthy woman.


The MDs I’ve spoken to don’t have anything good to say about Nanette. They find her sleazy. Most of them are scared of her. Red told me he worries that Nanette will pick him from the all-cast and might try to touch him or so. Even Barney admitted that the MDs push each other to the front when it’s Nanette making her choice from the all-cast. They all hope they won’t be “it’. Barney said only a money hungry MD will be able to tolerate Nanette. Hmm. Interesting.

Luigi told me he was introduced by the owner of Earthling to Nanette. Nanette however remarked that Luigi looks like a little boy sent to buy vinegar from the corner store. Luigi is scared of Nanette. He told me that he doesn’t want a turn at being Nanette’s flavor of the month even if it means loads of cash.


There were a couple of MDs who seem to be hoping Nanette will recognize them. Jake was one. One night I saw that he kept coming over to Nanette’s table to make small talk one night and even said goodbye to her as she was leaving another time. Nanette did not table Jake that night so I was curious why Jake kept coming over to Nanette’s table. Keith told me Jake wanted to be Nanette’s next flavor of the month because of money.

There were several others who I saw in Nanette’s couch for one night. She even placed money inside the briefs of one lad who resembled Tarzan when the said MD hit the stage. All were short lived flings though apparently. Aaron told me Nanette told him she tables other MDs to make him, Aaron, jealous. Aaron confided to me he never feels jealous though.

Are the MDs who agree to be Nanette’s flavor of the month brave? Or simply desperate? What is it about Nanette that gets the young and new MDs scared? Is it her heavily made up face? Or the fact that her aura screams man-eater?


If anything, Nanette provides the girls and me a glimpse of what we should never be. We don’t want to be jumping from one boy toy to another when we’re her age. We don’t want young men who could already be our sons scared of us. We don’t want to be looking for love and affection or just plain affection from MDs. Hopefully, the girls and I will have our own happy families by the time we get to where Nanette is in life. Either way we don’t want to be Nanettes.


It’s a lonely life if Nanette will just continue to fleet around from one MD to another. None of her boy toys love her for real. They only love her purse. On the other hand, it’s possible that Nanette is not looking for a real relationship. Maybe she only wants affection and occasional companionship—and maybe sex, too.

In any case I do hope Nanette finds peace and happiness. If there’s a man close to her age who will fall for her (and not her money) then all the better. We all deserve a shot at happiness. Even Nanette does. I hope she finds her real, lasting happiness.


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