07 Jul

At long last Luigi and I were able to spend quality time outside Earthling. This time it was just me and him, big little bro and little big sis. No one else.  I’m glad I was finally able to deliver on my promise to my ‘adopted’ brother that he and will will have one on one bonding time. Luigi was back in town after being with his mother for a while and he contacted me immediately.  I wasn’t one to back out on a promise so Luigi and I got together.


I initially thought of bringing Luigi to Chowking so I could put to test if a young MD like him would choose a lauriat meal (yes, I was influenced by G.B. Goer’s post entitled What’s with the Chicken Lauriat last May 6, 2011 in his blog Machos and Hostos ).  I changed my mind though.  I wanted to take Luigi somewhere more fancy. It wasn’t the time to experiment.

Luigi and I ate food he hasn’t had before.  He had bottomless soda as well and some cake.  Luigi loved the pizza.  After that restaurant, I bought him a gourmet burger to go so he could eat the double burger at 1 a.m. We then had some milk tea after.  It was food galore.  Luigi said he was too full after a while.  He had plastics of take out food as well since we were not able to finish the food.


Luigi admitted he’s a tad spoiled since he’s the youngest child.  Growing up without a father didn’t help either.  Luigi walked about five minutes to our meeting place and he claimed he was already tired.  By the time he was going back to his work place, he claimed he couldn’t walk anymore.  I sent him off in a cab though Ella and I have tried walking a greater distance than what Luigi claims he cannot do by foot.

I told Luigi if he were my real brother I would bombard him with lectures haha!


Luigi is all three to me: a friend, a brother and a spy. The spy part was mostly for Jessica’s sake.  Luigi is our eyes and ears when it comes to Ramon.  Luigi gives me updates about Jessica’s beloved Ramon which I in turn share to dear Jess.

Though I see him as a brother, I didn’t give Luigi a lecture when he smoked like a chimney over dessert.  I told Luigi he’s legally an adult and he knows what’s good for him.  I even helped Luigi ask a man for a light. Ha-ha!

Luigi and I talked about his future as well.  Luigi admitted he doesn’t want to study and hit the books.  He’s always loved dancing though.  We talked about a possible career as a dance instructor when he’s older.  Luigi knows he cannot be a macho dancer forever.


Luigi and I talk without pretense.  We gossip about everyone and everything.  No pretense, no trying to be cute.  That’s refreshing.  We dwelled on the topic of making Luigi’s star shine as a macho dancer. Haha! Luigi said he’s going to take working out seriously.  We tried to envision possible hairstyles for him as well.

Conversation was a challenge for Luigi.  He’s really so young and he himself knows he can’t hold a candle to Carlo or Jonas when it comes to conversations skills.  We had a good laugh when I was pretending to be Nanette or Ramon’s special gay friend and Luigi was trying to talk to me.  Luigi said he has to learn how to suck up.

Luigi asked me about myself too.  We talked about my life somehow as well.


As I was getting ready to meet Luigi, Aaron called me.  He was talking about he left his phone charger in the car and hence ran out of battery and couldn’t text me earlier though he wanted to.  Blah blah blah.  I told Aaron I had to go and meet Luigi for dinner.  Aaron said I should have invited him.

While I was having dinner with Luigi, Aaron again made his presence felt and teased me that I was probably busy.  I told Aaron that I was with my ‘brother’.  Honestly, Aaron was not endearing himself to me all the more at that point.

Aaron had the audacity to ask me the day after where I had dinner with Luigi.  I gave Aaron a full account of the places Luigi and I went to.  Aaron’s comment was: “susyal!”  When Aaron found out I was not feeling well he commented that I had dinner with Luigi the night before then I didn’t feel well the next day.  Trying to blame Luigi, eh? Is Aaron a cooler, less noisy version of Keith?


Luigi could turn out to be a diamond in the rough.  He needs guidance though and it would do him well to be surrounded by people who will encourage him to be the best he can be.  With some confidence, guidance and a hell lot of working out, Luigi can succeed in life—as an MD or D.I. or whatever he chooses to be.  He’s young and he has his whole life ahead of him.

Luigi was so thankful to me after we parted ways.  He texted at 1 a.m. that he so enjoyed the burger.  I can’t do much for Luigi but what little I can do for him as my ‘adopted’ brother, I will.  I don’t mean financially though I probably can treat him to a few good meals now and then. Luigi knows I won’t spend big bucks on him but he knows I can be his ‘sister’ in the city and a friend to boot.

Right now Luigi is the only keeper I have from Earthling.  He’s the only one alive and kicking in Andrina’s book.  I hope he stays that way.  It will be painful to lose Luigi as an ally especially now that I really see him as a friend and adopted brother.


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  1. GB Goer

    July 7, 2011 at 4:43 pm

    Funny on the Chowking lauriat plan. But yeah, best if you take an MD where they usually don’t eat in. They can only experience those “sosyal” things with a customer.

    • theunscratchableitch

      July 7, 2011 at 10:05 pm

      What can I say? You inspire me. I’ll take Luigi there one of these days 😀


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