17 May

Some things are meant to be in our lives for a reason—not to stay but only for its purpose. That seems to describe Carlo’s role in Ella’s life. Carlo was not meant to be Ella’s significant other. He had another role in her young life.


Ella’s cutting back on Earthling times became a necessity after she realized that she was getting way too distracted from her important professional pursuits. Time was of the essence and Ella cannot afford to be distracted by anything or anyone.

The biggest distraction of all was Carlo. Ella admits that Carlo is still the most attractive MD for her in Earthling—face-wise and bod-ywise. Carlo has the overall package for her. No one else in Earthling comes close for dear Ella. Ella candidly admitted that she can’t say for sure that being physically close to Carlo, seeing him again and being with him won’t affect her anymore. Ella admitted that she knows she’s susceptible still. Hence, she feels she has no choice but to cut back on Earthling times.


Just like Jess who fell for Ramon the first time she laid eyes on him, Ella fancied Carlo that very same night. The only difference was that it took three months before she finally got one on one time with Carlo. Ella openly admired the beefcakes in Earthling but the truth was that she really only had eyes Carlo. No one else came close. Along the way Ella thought she might fancy Francis but quickly realized it was not a possibility. Ella also had a crush on Colby who was hot, hot, hot. It never developed into more because it was apparent from the start that Colby did not fancy Ella. To add to that Colby was also self-centered and immature.

Carlo is a different story. Carlo’s a ‘pro’ at his job. Carlo knows what to say, what not to say, how to act and how not to act. Carlo has had tremendous experience with people from all walks of life. He was cultured as far as MDs go. It was not difficult to like Carlo. He’s attractive physically and he seems more cultured than the average MD to boot. That and Carlo’s educational attainment is higher than others in the industry.


Ella admitted that she felt during our ‘venture’ and during the bridal shower that the affection shown by Carlo to her was not real. Ella is quite certain that Carlo was affectionate to her inside Earthling because it’s his job to be so; because the drinks have been paid for and not because he sincerely liked Ella for the woman she is.

While watching a movie together, Ella said that Carlo tried to touch her but she felt that he was doing so because he thought it would please her and not because he really wanted to do so. Ella’s gut feeling told her that Carlo was not sincere.

Ella told me that she’s quite certain that Carlo sincerely admires her academic pursuits and her educational attainment. Other than that, Ella thinks Carlo does not really sincerely fancy anything about her.

Not Into Meat

For one, Carlo does not seem to be into voluptuous women like Ella. Carlo told Ella before that food should be taken away from her. Even during our dinner venture, Carlo placed a small strip of pork meat on Ella’s plate and took the yummy but fattening skin for himself. Carlo seems to want a thinner Ella and not the Ella who’s a voluptuous sexy lady.

Ella admitted that even should she and Carlo end up dating, she would still suspect in the back of her mind that Carlo wants her to go on a diet and be a slimmer version of herself. Ella does not believe at this point that Carlo could like her sincerely just the way she is now.

Charlie, crude as he may be, had a very good thing going for him: Charlie likes Ella for who she is. Charlie finds Ella attractive and he seems to love her curves. But Ella does not fancy Charlie—the irony of it all!


Attracted or not to her, Ella thought that she and Carlo are at the very least good friends. Compared to the other MDs in the shower, she and and Carlo have been through most together. However, Ella felt that Carlo did not feel the same way. She felt a wall between them being put up by Carlo himself.

Did Carlo’s times with Ella inside (and outside—during the ‘venture’) Earthling mean anything more to him other drinks and a potential tip? Only Carlo knows the answer to that.


Carlo’s lies to Ella about not having a mobile phone and not having a girlfriend are also deal breakers. With the mobile phone lie, Carlo apparently wanted to limit his contact with Ella only inside Earthling yet he cannot find any other way to get that message across.

As for the girlfriend also named Ella, that was the splash of ice cold water Ella needed to really wake-up from the spell. Ella has been through being an apparent third party to a man with a relationship and she was not going through it again with Carlo.

As I said in past posts, Jess and I have not been happy with Carlo as well since we found out he lied to Ella about a good number of things. We are indignant for Ella and were really angry. Aljur and Garrett have been open from the get-go about having girlfriends. Aljur is a constant fixture in the top 5 MDs when it comes to drinks, mind you. If one can have as many regulars as he does without having to deny his relationship status, why would Carlo feel compelled to lie? Because he lied, Ella entertained the hope that she would have a place in his life as a date or so. Had he not lied, things would have been simple from the start.


Ella put on a brave face even after she found out about Carlo’s lies. We headed back to Earthling four more times and she picked Carlo each time. She showed him that she has not changed towards him just because she found out about Carlo’s girlfriend and his owning a mobile phone but preferring not to be in touch outside Earthling.

Ella gamely went on with the ‘venture’ and with the bridal shower as well. She went on treating Carlo the way she did before. From the outside no one could tell that Ella was somehow in pain inside. Even Jess and I were fooled at times. We thought Ella took things in stride and was automatically all right.

But dear Ella is human, too. She has a heart which she poured out to Carlo. Ella was somehow hurting inside all along. The fact that she showed a brave front was of no moment. She’s a strong lady who won’t break down in front of Carlo but it doesn’t mean her heart was not shattered.

Ella’s attitude right now is that karma will deal with Carlo. She’s happy that she hasn’t shown anything that can be construed as bitterness towards him. In her heart she hasn’t totally forgiven Carlo though. Maybe in time she will but not as of now.

CarLa: Reel only

Ella and I discussed our return to Earthling. I inquired if she will pick Carlo again or if she’s ready for someone new. Ella confessed that she probably will pick Carlo again. Carlo, after all, is still the most attractive MD in Earthling for her. And she admits that she will feel worse if she does not pick Carlo. Ella said that she won’t feel at ease especially if a Nanette ends up picking Carlo because she didn’t.

This time around Ella is aware that with her and Carlo, it’s all within the confines of Earthling. It’s reel, not real. It’s paid for affection and not something sincerely given. Harsh as it may sound, it’s one reality of life. I don’t know for sure if Ella will not be affected in any way once she tables Carlo again. However, knowing is half the battle. And Ella is entering Earthling with eyes wide open this time.


Carlo may have affected Ella’s life somehow but Ella has many other things on her plate. She cannot and will not stay down over a Carlo. Ella’s a beautiful, voluptuous lady. The right man for her will love her every curve and see the beauty she possesses instead of trying to mold her into a reed-thin supermodel wannabe.

What’s Carlo’s purpose in Ella’s life then? He and his times with Ella in Earthling taught her a lot about herself and what she wanted and didn’t want in life. A man with a girlfriend and who doesn’t sincerely like her for who she is was one of the things Ella realized she didn’t want. Ella will not force herself upon Carlo.

Ella has her career, her endeavors and potential dates to look forward to. She’s a brave girl who’s been through a lot and can weather this storm signal Carlo. 😉


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