GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN: An update on the JessiMon situation

11 May

Jessica changed her mind soon after our ‘borrowed time’ in Earthling episode. Jess did a 180 from her former stance on the Jessimon situation. During our ‘borrowed time’ in Earthling Jessica was ready to let Ramon know exactly how she feels about him. Jess was ready to lay it all out and be real. Now Jess claims she is ready to give up and just do what it takes to be able to let go of Ramon totally. Jess says she has cried one time too many over her feelings for Ramon. After facing her feelings for a grand total of a little over an hour in Earthling with Ramon (and maybe a few days before that), Jess is ready to call it quits.

Why? Mostly because did not seem to reciprocate her feelings during the ‘borrowed time’. Jess did not take it well that Ramon seemed to have placed a wall between them and was moving away whenever Jess would move closer to him. It could partly be because Jessica’s pride was wounded. Her ego took a blow.

Focusing on the more noble reason why Jess is ‘letting go’ seems far more ideal at this point though. Jess realized that she should not do anything that could come in between Ramon and Ramon’s live-in girlfriend. Seeing Ramon’s special gay friend miserable over Ramon made Jess see that she and Ramon’s special gay friend are in the same boat. Both of them are miserable over Ramon. Jess doesn’t want to make anything happen between her and Ramon anymore. Or so she says.

Jess says she also knows that Ramon sees her just as a guest or a potential ATM machine who could provide for him. Jess knows that it would not work out in real life in the long run. Not with Ramon.

The girls who just want to have fun are due to return to Earthling very soon. Will it be Jessimon’s swan song that night? Is Jess really ready to put a period to Jessimon? More so, is she doing the supposed right thing for the right reasons? Or is she taking the easy way out by running away from more potential blows to the ego rather than facing her feelings? Time will reveal the answers to all these questions. I’ll be sure to share it all here.


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