27 Feb

Ella and I have gotten used to seeing the sunlight after an all nighter in Earthling.  We had gotten to used to having breakfast at different places before heading home for some shut-eye.  The first time we had an all nighter was after the unpleasant incident in Earthling. It was mostly because of safety reasons coupled with curiosity that we observed office hours in Earthling.  I didn’t realize then that  it would be the start of a number of all nighters.

One memorable incident after an all-nighter was what happened after our Change of Plans night in Earthling.  Ella and I were making our way to a pizza joint when a motorcycle with two male passengers passed us by. The two boys looked our way but drove off. After less than a minute they were back. The motorcycle stopped beside us and the two boys seemed to want to introduce themselves to us.  Ella and I ignored them till they left.  Ella and I still remain unsure to this date if those two boys simply wanted to introduce themselves to us or if they actually thought Ella and I would go with them.

Usually after an all nighter there would be issues or questions to discuss over breakfast.  After the first all nighter it was my disappointment and hurt over the unpleasant incident.  After the next all nighter was a discussion of how good a night it was.  The last time it was Ella’s questions regarding Carlo and what to do about her growing feelings for him.  If you’ll ask me, I prefer the good night discussion over the others.  There seemed to be fewer questions; just a general feeling of satisfaction.

What tips can I give girls who wants to stay from starting to closing time in a macho dancer bar? Here are a couple:

1.) Dress simply

Don’t dress like a party girl even if you’re one.  Don’t wear shoes you can’t walk comfortably in. Make sure you can sprint in your shoes as well.  Don’t stack up on the bling. Anything too flashy is not good.

Make sure you’re comfortable with what you’re wearing from head to toe. Don’t bring your laptop, Ipad or other valuables unless they have a purpose in your trip to a macho dancer bar.  Travel light.

2.) Don’t go off alone

Stay with your friends, girls.  There’s safety in numbers. Don’t head off alone especially while it’s still dark in a deserted area. More so if you’ve had a couple of drinks already.

If you must go off by yourself, call or text someone first to let them know you’re on your way. Make sure that person knows where you’re coming from and what time to expect a call or text from you. That way if you’re still not in touch after a reasonable period of time someone will know it’s time to alert the authorities—or your parents/family.

3.) Be alert

Have your taser or tear gas ready with you. If you know self-defense, be ready to use it. If you don’t know self-defense, be alert at all times anyway. Remember that a strong kick to the groin of an attacker can buy you time to make a run for it. Stay in well-lit areas and guard your belongings. Carry your bag in such a way that it’s not easy to have it snatched away from you.

4.) Wait for sunrise

Closing time during weekends is usually almost 6 in the morning anyway. You might as well wait for the sun to shine before leaving.  It’s safer after 6 a.m.

I didn’t include it anymore above but it’s best that you girls stay sober. Sobriety is safety.

I think Ella and I will have another all nighter soon.  I’ll be sure to put my own tips to use. I practice what I preach. 🙂


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