30 Jan

Jess, Ella and I again found ourselves in Earthling.  This time we had a plan (and Jess had the money to finance it).  We wanted to meet the teenagers in Earthling: the 18-20 year old boys working there.  We wanted to know more about them, why they are in Earthling and what their future plans are.  More so, we wanted to help build their confidence.  Jess, Ella and I noticed that the youngsters don’t get tabled often.  Most of them are lanky and all limbs. I suppose most guests don’t prefer those types of  MDs.

The three of us got to Earthling rather early.  Jess intended to talk to Ramon while Ella’s plan was to finally meet Carlo. Me? I just wanted to have fun. I preferred to finally meet Keith maybe. If Sylvester was there I was okay with talking to him all night as well. Ella also intended to give Francis the gift she bought for him.

Before the Jess-Ramon, Ella-Carlo and Andrina-Whoever among Keith and Sylvester show went underway, it was time for a kiddie party.  We had Pipay call for an all-cast dance number.  We picked out those we knew for sure were 20 and below and asked Pipay for verification regarding some.  We also decided to give one drink each to those who were our new friends in our social networking account.  That in addition to the ones we previously decided to choose for the ‘main event’ after the kiddie party.  After the all-cast number, us three and the twelve (Yes, a dozen!) MDs we were giving at least one drink to were occupying several long couches.

Ella found herself sitting with the above 20 people including her choice Colby (sigh, Carlo was again on leave), Ramon, Keith, Sylvester, Banjo, Jay and Matt.  Meanwhile, Jess and I found ourselves with the kiddies in the kiddie party.  Luigi of course was there along with other youngsters Patrick, Michael, Gabriel, and Red. Three girls with a dozen MDs, about half of them tykes. That was quite a sight. Jess ordered food for the hungry kids (and the oldies as well) as part of our kiddie party.

I had quality conversation most with Luigi.  Apparently, Luigi hails from a town where I still have relatives residing.  We had a lot to talk about somehow. Luigi easily told me that his parents know where he works and they’re okay with it. He did not want to study either.  Being the youngest of five children, Luigi was also pampered and quite spoiled. He found macho dancing an easier job.

Jessica had an interesting conversation with Patrick as well. We told the kiddies that they were there for one drink each and food because it’s a kiddie party. Patrick apparently didn’t appreciate being called a kid or being treated like one. When Jessica told Patrick he should be drinking soda or juice instead of beer, he told Jessica: “I may be young but I can already get a girl pregnant!” to which Jess replied: “That’s why we’re overpopulated already!” I found that exchange of theirs very funny.

Michael and Gabriel were more confident types. They seemed to act as as though they knew they were ‘hot’ and they immediately started talking to me as if we were the same age. Gabriel’s half-foreign.  He’s very good-looking and could be a legitimate model.  Michael was small and thin but he a good face and fluid dance moves. Luigi was more polite and acted as a younger brother would. I did not have enough interaction with Red to give a complete description but I know he’s new in Earthling and was winner of a male beauty contest in his school. Red was also very striking looking.

As we were having our kiddie party, Ella was apparently having a difficult time talking to six MDs. She was seated with the older ones.  The first round of drinks was over in about half an hour or less. After that, Jess gave the six kids tips and then we let them go.  Jess already gave the kids a talking to about smoking at such an early age among others.  We also let go of Matt.  We intended to give Sylvester and Banjo second drinks while Colby, Ramon and Keith joined us girls.

More next time. It gets even more interesting from here on, trust me.


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