29 Jan

Ella, despite being less fond of Francis after the second time she tabled him, still remembered Francis’ birthday.  I asked Ella if she intended to give Francis a gift and things sort of spiraled from there.

First, Ella wanted to make sure that the date Francis gave him was indeed his birthday.  We had to ask Pipay to confirm when the exact natal day was.  Pipay, who had access to the files of Francis, gave us his listed birthday which happened to be the exact same date Francis told Ella.  Ella then had no choice but to assume that the birthday of Francis was really fast approaching.

Ella was worried at first that giving Francis a gift might make her look foolish. I told her it was actually a nice gesture to give Francis a gift.  I was sure Francis would appreciate whatever Ella decides to give him. Ella then set her mind that she will give Francis a birthday gift…and something she will enjoy buying at that.

Jess and I found ourselves in Bench Body one afternoon. The mission was to accompany Ella as she buys her gift to Francis which was to be a bunch of underwear!  Ella warned Jess not to giggle as we entered Bench Body.  Jess, on her part, managed to be less giggly. I was on best mature behavior as well.

Ella, aside from naturally being naughty and wanting to buy unconventional gifts, got inspired to buy Francis gifts he could wear to work and outside work.  Ella remembered teasing Francis that the bikini briefs he wore at one time was exactly the same as the one Carlo wore the last time we were in Earthling.  I shared what Sylvester told me that they usually order their bikini briefs from one source in packs of four. Sometimes there would only be a couple of available designs and hence, not much variety in the MD’s work wardrobe.

In the end, Ella bought four bikini briefs for Francis.  She made good choices, if I might say.  I hope Ella gets to see Francis wearing her gifts.  If only Francis knew how Ella enjoyed picking out the bikini briefs and estimating what size to get.

As Ella said, brief buying for her former favorite MD is one for the books.  Jess and I were glad we got to tag along with her that day.  I do hope Francis likes Ella’s gifts.


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