GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN: Macho Dancer Bar Myths and Worries (Special Topics 5)

27 Jan

Ladies, I’m sure you’ve heard or read about so many negative things about macho dancer bars.  I don’t claim to be THAT big an expert but since I’ve been to bars more times than you can count in your ten fingers (make that even if you had excess fingers here and there), I believe I can do this topic some justice based on my own personal experience.

WORRY #1: Macho dancing bars are frequently raided.

TRUTH:  Actually, they are not.  Other bloggers share the same opinion.  I have no personal knowledge but sources say that most macho dancer bars pay their dues to local law enforcers or are otherwise connected to high authorities.  I still worry that a raid will occur while my friends and I are in a macho dancer bar, yes.  But I admit that adds the risque element to the girls night out.  All in all, I say that it is safe to go macho dancer bars.  Pray  (if you’re religious) and cross your fingers before you set foot though. That can’t hurt.

WORRY #2: A girl’s chastity will be violated in a macho dancer bar

TRUTH: Duh.  The MDs won’t be able to touch you from the stage. If you table an MD, they would most likely just shake your hand.  They won’t try to be touch-feely unless you either initiate it or say it’s okay.  Your cherries, girls, will be okay as long as you’re just in the main room.  It’s your watch if you go to a VIP room alone with your MD. Your eyes, on the other hand, stand a chance of being less innocent though. Just shut your eyes or go to the ladies’ room if an MD dances ATW and you can’t handle it.  But please, if you went to a macho dancer bar then I assume you passed the emotional preparedness test I mentioned in Special Topics 4.

WORRY #3: A girl is desperate if she finds herself in a macho dancer bar

TRUTH: What do you mean by desperate? Some girls are desperately bored and hence seek alternative forms of entertainment.  If by desperate you mean unable to find dates, mates or otherwise form healthy relationships with the opposite sex then my answer is HELL NO!

Granted, there may be some who would fit the ‘desperate’ bill but it won’t be fair to generalize. Not all females who go to macho dancer bars are unable to find dates outside it.  In fact, a lot of the girls I saw in macho dancer bars seem to be in their twenties or early thirties and are definitely NOT ugly.  Sylvester told me some of his guests are unhappily married women.  Lawrence said something to that effect, too.  I suppose some women who go to macho dancer bars are the counterparts of the men who frequent girly bars: unhappily married or feeling very much alone.

Jessica, Ella and I are not matrons, we are not ugly (well, maybe you have to see us for yourself) and we have healthy relationships with the opposite sex outside a macho dancer bar. One thing we have in common though: we’re all single and just having fun.  Desperate we ain’t, havin’ fun we are.

WORRY #4: Macho dancer bars are addictive


Yes, because after getting over the initial shock, a lot of girls tend to want to go back to learn more or see more or just to experience what goes on in a macho dancer bar.

No, because a young single girl will get tired of this phase in her young life and eventually move on to focus on a healthy one-on-one relationship with her significant other.  If it’s no longer just a phase, then maybe it’s time to see a therapist.

WORRY # 5: Macho dancer bars are expensive.

TRUTH: Yes, yes, yes! If you don’t have the extra cash, don’t go there.  Splurge on a salon date with your girlfriends instead or go blow your money on clothes.  Ella and I admit that without Jessica’s benevolent charity, we wouldn’t have been to as many macho dancer bars as frequently.

Bottom line, it’s not worth spending your hard-earned money or meager allowance on macho dancer bars.  It’s usually those who have extra cash to spare who can (and should) go to macho dancer bars.


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