GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN: Tips for Ladies Choosing an MD To Table (SPECIAL TOPICS 4.1)

26 Jan

Okay, girls. Picking up where we left off.  So you went ahead and went to a macho dancer bar and decided to table a macho dancer.  This article is still for girls who just want to have fun.  For those looking for a hook up, the answer is easy: you can either ask the floor manager about MDs who are “game” and “fun” or you can just select one you fancy and take it from there.  You can order a drink for the MD you fancy and see if there’s any chemistry.  You can exchange numbers or agree to meet elsewhere at a given time.  Or you can open your fat purse and pay the bar fine then and there if the MD agrees. But don’t take my word for it because I’ve never tried that before—the hooking up intent part.  I’m just making conjectures here.

Actually, even if you’re just in the bar for fun that does not necessarily need to lead to a hook-up, I believe the rules will not be too different.  You can select an MD from the all-cast presentation if the bar offers one.  All the MDs will be on stage and will be introduced by the disk jockey. Or if not, you can pick from the “aquarium” where you can look at the available MDs through a glass window.  Choosing an MD from an all-cast or from the aquarium will be tantamount to picking one based on looks and bearing.  Bear in mind that one who looks good from a distance may not be so appealing up close.

It is perfectly acceptable not to commit to picking a dancer till you’ve come face to face with him and heard him speak even if it’s just a “Hi, how are you?”.  If you don’t like the MD up close, you can thank him for his time and kindly say it was nice to meet him.  You can request a new one.  Don’t fret about changing your mind. As the guest, it’s all up to you.  This is not the place to start feeling guilty or taking an MD out of pity.  Not unless you have loads of cash to spend on someone you picked for charity.

Remember to always be polite and civil to the people you encounter from the waiters to the managers to the MDs to other guests. Be firm yet polite.

I for myself like to ask advice from the floor manager.  I could tell the floor manager traits I’m looking for and he or she could suggest MDs who fit the bill.  After all, the manager knows the MDs better. Be alert though because some managers have favorites or “pet MDs” whom they will try to shove to guests.  I recommend asking advice from the floor manager only after you’ve interacted at least two times already.  Even then you are not obliged to accept the recommended MD. You can just meet the MD and then decide if you really want to pick him.

Questions I suggest you ask the floor manager about an MD you have your eye on, whether on stage, in the aquarium or otherwise:

1. How old is he?

Some  girls want to talk to MDs their age. If you prefer younger or older, you can always ask who the veterans or newbies are.

2. How long has he been working here?

Again related to number 1. Some are more comfortable with newbies, some with seasoned MDs.

3. Does he dance ATW?

Some girls will NOT be comfortable sitting next to an MD who goes AllTheWay.  If you’re the type who will be embarrassed talking to your MD after he does his ATW dance, then make sure you pick one who does not do ATW. However, if one of your purpose for going to the macho dancing bar is to find an MD for a bachelorette party, you might want to table one who does ATW.

Of course, you can forgo asking the manager anything and just learn it all from the MD himself.  You might be up for some surprises there.  MDs often appear younger or older than the age they tell you. Some, I believe, shave off years from their true birthdays.

Other questions I would ask the manager would be: is he talkative or shy? Is he a good entertainer? Of course, I would only ask such questions to a manager I already know, not to someone I met for the first time.

I believe you girls are now ready to pick your MD.


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