25 Jan

Now that Ella, Jess and I are more accustomed to macho dancer bars (especially Earthling), I want to share some of the lessons we have learned. One very important lesson: as the customer, you are not obliged to stick to one macho dancer (MD).

For starters, you can table more than one MD at the same time but I would advise against it.  It’s impossible to devote quality time to both.  During our Earthling trip when Jess had to go home early, I tried talking to both Colby and Sylvester at the same time and it was very hard to focus on them equally.  Getting to know two people at the same time amidst the noise (and oftentimes half-drunk auras) is quite a challenge.

The trick is to just table your preferred MD. Let him order a drink and proceed to get to know him.  A drink can last anywhere between 35 minutes to almost an hour. The said amount of time is sufficient for a customer to realize if the MD is boring him  or her to death, has potential or is someone he or she can spend more time talking to. Should the customer’s assessment be that the MD is boring or otherwise unpleasant, the customer can opt not to order a second drink for the MD.

I have not personally sent a dancer away after one drink but I should have (guess which one). The next time around I am ready to practice what I preach.  Should the dancer be someone I would rather not talk to much longer, I would thank him for his time after his 1 drink and shake his hand.  That would be my tactful way of ending his time with me (or my time with him, if you prefer).   We can call it the One-Drink Wonder.

I’d rather try my luck with a second MD rather than spend my entire stay with someone dull or otherwise unpleasant.  The trick would be to end my time with the first MD without saying anything offensive. End it amicably. Even if he only got one drink from me, it will still go down on record as something he can earn commission from that night anyway.  More so, the dismissed MD can be tabled by a different customer—perhaps one who can better appreciate him. Hey, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

Looks and personality do not necessarily match.   A good-looking MD can be a very dull conversationalist.  An average looking one can be very engaging once he opens his mouth.  Ideally, a good-looking MD will also be a good entertainer but that’s not always the case.  Personally  (and as I mentioned in an earlier blog), I prefer a good entertainer even if he’s not the best looking fellow in the room (hopefully, he’s not the ugliest either).  The room is too dark anyway to fully appreciate a pretty face. I prefer good company and conversation. A client’s priority may be different though depending on why he or she is in the bar in the first place.

I’ve talked to a number of MDs who admitted that they have been One-Drink Wonders at some point.  Ramon said one of his clients did not like him and “returned” him after one drink. Ramon said he did not take offense.  Sylvester, for his part, narrated that he was having a good time laughing with a guest who suddenly grabbed his thingee. Sylvester said he removed the hand of the client and said he did not want to be touched like that.  Despite their previous rapport, the client opted to “return” Sylvester then and there in favor of a new dancer (someone more game, perhaps?).

I hope I can apply my own advice in this blog the next time I realize I don’t enjoy the company of the MD seated next to me.  Hopefully, that won’t happen. But if it does, then it’s bye-bye time for Andrina Magnolia’s One-Drink Wonder.  After all, I’m a girl who just want to have fun. If he ain’t fun for me, he’s outta there.


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