24 Jan

My blog’s title is The Unscratchable Itch but so far I’ve been writing about the Girls Just Want To Have Fun chronicles.  What does the Girls Just Want To Have Fun chronicles have to do with The Unscratchable Itch? A lot. And the unscratchable itch does not pertain to anything sexual necessarily.

In this case, the unscratchable itch could stand for different things for me, Ella and Jessica. It could be a thirst for adventure, an urge to defy society or simply the need for a different kind of hope in a bottle. I cannot speak for the two girls but trust me, our Earthling experience has done lots for us.

In my case, it’s more a thirst for adventure than anything else. I just want to have fun and make memories that could make me giggle even when I’m old and gray. I suppose I also have the urge to defy society somehow.  I certainly feel like I’m doing so with all these girls just want to have fun outings.

Honestly, after being in Earthling more than a couple of times one can’t help but see the dancers differently. As soon you start matching names with faces, they become real people instead of just simple mannequins on stage.  It somehow lessens the giddiness and fun part but replaces it with a more humane emotion.

Ella and I were discussing the other day that we don’t mind being friends with a good number of the dancers in Earthling.  As we learn to understand more the intricacies of the macho dancing industry, we learn to objectify less and less. We also learn lessons in humility, patience and in not judging other people.  Definitely, I’ve accumulated a lot of lessons already.

If anything, Ella just worries about being asked for loans by the dancers if she gets too friendly with them. It’s not as if we have loads of dough to give away. We might just feel bad if we can’t help the Earthlings in need. It’s still best to just be friends in social networking sites rather than close friends.

I look forward to what I’ll learn on the Ramon-Jess face-off day which is fast approaching.


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