23 Jan

The Jess and Ramon face-off is imminent.  It will come sooner or later.  Jess, like an athlete before a big meet or competition, was preparing herself emotionally.  Meanwhile, life went on.

It was my turn to need a pick-me-up a few days ago.  Jess and Ella comforted me. Jess offered to take me out that night to cheer me up.  It was just the two of us since Ella could not wiggle out of her prior engagements.  So that night two giggly, somehow sad (about different things) girls were out to paint the town red.

Jess and I did not at all intend to go to Earthling.  We had different plans.  Halfway through dinner though we realized that we could sneak in an hour in Earthling and still push through with our original plans.  Jess and I needed to laugh and unwind and Earthling could very well be the place where we could buy our hope in a bottle somehow.

We had strict guidelines for our on-the-spot decision to drop by Earthling: 1.) we will only stay an hour, tops. 2.) We will not table anyone.  3.) We will have fun and find reasons to laugh!

So there we were again, the two giggly girls without their brave general off to Earthling.  To our surprise, Pipay was again absent. It was Ruffa who attended to Jess and me, similar to the night when Jess and I tried to reserve Carlo for Ella.  Jess later told me that we are fated to have a connection with Ruffa. Hmmm. Interesting.

We found out as we were entering Earthling that the V.I.P. rooms ceased to exist already. The city ordinance required all clubs to get rid of their V.I.P. rooms. And just when Jess and I were thinking of trying it out with Ella and three dancers just to be able to experience being inside a V.I.P. room (or being able to say someday that we got to spend time inside a V.I.P. room).  Damn.  Not that we intended to do anything remotely interesting inside the V.I.P. room anyway.

Ruffa seated us in our favorite spot.  The place was almost bare. Only one other table with four guests was occupied. After Jess and I arrived, another group came in. Still, Earthling was looking empty. Yet the show was underway.

The first dancer we saw when we were about to enter was Keith, the one with the pretty face I considered requesting last time.  Thankfully, Ramon was absent so Jess did not have a reason to feel uncomfortable.  Other familiar faces like Carlo and Jonas were not present either.  We immediately spotted Banjo across the room, smoking.  The dancer on stage when we arrived was Colby, the one with the gorgeous body. Colby wasn’t much of a macho dancer though. He was mostly just modeling around, relying on his toned physique to carry him through.

Jess had the idea to give a drink to the dancers who are our new friend in our social networking sites. We will still adhere to our no table-mates policy but we will give them drinks.

That was just what happened.  An all-cast number ensued and Ruffa pointed out those we listed as among the dancers to be given drinks.  Two of those in our list were not present that night but Ruffa insisted we replace one of them with Colby’s cousin, Carson. Carson, Colby’s cousin, was darker but also had a lean, toned physique.We gave in and then added Francis to the list as well.    We remembered Luigi with fondness too and added him to the list.  All in all we gave seven dancers drinks.

The funny part was when the seven dancers were all sitting together in a long couch away from me and Jess. Keith apparently asked Ruffa why he’s sitting far from us instead of with us. Haha. The owner himself looked surprised at such a set-up. It was indeed not a common set up for the clients to sit together far away from seven dancers they gave drinks to.

Jess and I stayed over an hour in Earthling, just chatting with Ruffa in between finding things to amuse us.  It was good for spirits that needed uplifting.  At some point, Jess placed her head on my shoulder and I leaned my head against hers.  I realized a while later that we might have looked like lesbians at that point. Oh well. Only the dancers and waiters could have seen us then anyway.

After finishing their drinks, four of the dancers approached Jess and me to thank us.  Prior to that, Francis already thanked us. Colby, Carson, Luigi and Banjo shook our hands and said thanks.  Banjo sat down next to me for a while.  I inquired when his turn to dance will be since Jess and I were about to leave already. Banjo said it won’t be till much later.  Jess and I again suddenly had a brilliant idea to request Banjo’s dance to be moved up so we could watch him before we leave. We figured seeing Banjo dance will cheer us up further.

Banjo asked what song we wanted him to dance to and I picked his ‘theme song’, a sentimental old song. Banjo left to get ready while Ruffa took the payment from Jess. Unfortunately, Jess had no smaller bill.  Ruffa, instead of offering to give us change, insisted we pick two more dancers of our choice to dance. Ruffa went on to promote the cousins Colby and Carson. We agreed.

Jess and I thought Carson and Colby will dance separately from Banjo. We were surprised when Banjo’s music played but alas, three dancers came out to the stage: Banjo, Carson and Colby. Everyone in Earthling knew the song was Banjo’s song. Carson and Colby looked like intruders.  Carson and Colby knew it, too. Colby was stifling a laugh as he looked up and tried to dance. Poor Carson had to lean on the wall as he danced since Banjo was occupying the entire stage with his big dance moves. It was quite a sight.

Without meaning to, Jess and I started laughing in our seats. The whole thing was just too much. Colby and Carson rained on Banjo’s parade unintentionally and the stage wasn’t big enough for all of them, especially with Banjo’s big moves.  Ruffa kept asking us what was funny.

Jess and I left Earthling feeling lighter somehow. We were amused, entertained and definitely uplifted somehow.  The next time we’re in Earthling, it will be time for Jess to face Ramon and settle any remaining issues.


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