14 Jan

In an attempt to follow the rule Ella set that Jessica should not set foot in Earthling while she, Jess, is not completely okay over the Ramon situation, we visited a different macho dancer bar.  We went to “Hot Stuff” with the hope that we would be entertained. It was supposed to be different from Earthling which would help Jess forget about what she wanted to forget.

Our bags were searched by security for any cameras before we were allowed to enter. Ella looked at the security personnel and said coyly: “Ako hindi mo ba ako kakapkapan?” (aren’t you going to frisk me?). That made me laugh. Ella is such a riot. I thought the night was looking up.

Unfortunately, Hot Stuff did not meet our expectations. Not even close.  For one, we did not see even one mildly good-looking dancer.  Not one. Granted, it was still early when we got there but still.

I read over the web that Hot Stuff supposedly has the best-looking dancers including those in their senior years.  Well, they all seemed to have been absent that night we were there.  In addition to lacking in the looks department, the dancers in Hot Stuff were on the chubby side. There was nothing macho about them at all.

I thought there was hope when the three of us were ushered to a long couch near the stage.  The prices in Hot Stuff were quite steep but Jessica was prepared as that night she was in charge of “dessert”.  No floor manager attended to us.  Hot Stuff didn’t seem so friendly.

The acoustics were not good either. There was even a time when the song being played was almost halfway over but still no dancer on stage.  The lulls in between songs were big in Hot Stuff. In Earthling, there was no lull at all.

Ella, Jess and I were sitting there comparing notes and realizing that we like Earthling better.  Ella was softening and was almost ready to allow Jess to go back to Earthling.

The clincher came shortly when Ella was further disappointed by Hot Stuff when she tried the ladies’ room and found out that the door did not even have a lock. Ella and her need for a ladies’ room did the trick. We paid up and went back to Earthling—yet again.


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