11 Jan

Turmoil followed Jessica’s revelation that she and Ramon have been communicating via SMS and that our Jess fancies the good-looking macho dancer.  Jess is not really that experienced in dating. Ella and I worried. We were just three girls having fun supposedly. Girls just want to have fun. The equation changes when feelings get involved.

Jess assured us it was just infatuation and she wouldn’t actually date Ramon. Ella and I worried nonetheless. Ella and I tried our best to do what we can and to simply be there for Jess.

Between Christmas and New Year, Jess took a trip. Ella and I hoped the trip would help Jess figure out the entire Ramon situation.  As much as I’d love to tell more about the Jess and Ramon situation, the intricacies involved are not mine to share.  I’m only mentioning the Jess and Ramon situation because it’s part of our continuing saga.  But even without the nitty-gritty details, I suppose you readers know that a love story (brewing, fantasy, real or otherwise) between a sheltered school-girl and a struggling macho dancer is one filled with drama and conflict.  The Jess and Ramon thingee is telenovela material, definitely.

While Jess was having some much needed R&R, Ella and I got together supposedly for coffee.  A trip to the coffee shop ended up a trip to a different macho dancer bar.  We didn’t want to go back to Earthling so we went to “Good Boy” instead.

Ella and I both haven’t been in Good Boy yet. We knew that Francis used to work in Good Boy but did not like working there.  Ella and I were escorted to a couch seat on the side. The view was good and the couch was soft and comfortable. However, we had very little else to say that’s good about Good Boy.

For one, the waiters were not attentive. The dancers who were untabled were also free to roam around or just to lean on the wall looking every bit a wallflower.  The dancers were also less attractive than those in Earthling.  Only one was a looker: Ryan.  A group of girls seating in the front row screamed when they saw Ryan.

Apparently, it is also common practice in Good Boy for the dancer to leave the stage and do a lap dance while the lights are turned off for about ten seconds.  The girls in the front row were the recipients of this lap dance from two dancers.  All Ella and I could hear while the lights were turned off were screams from the girls in front.  The girls tipped the dancers after the grope and grip/ lap dance routine.

Ella muttered to me that why are the dancers showing their thingees only to the girls in the front row when every one in the room paid to see the show.  Suffice it to say, Ella and I found ourselves comparing Good Boy to Earthling. We both agreed that Earthling was superior in music, sound system, pricing, attractiveness of the boys and over all appeal.

When Ella needed to the ladies’ room an hour after we got to Good Boy, we hesitated about using the wash room in Good Boy. We both agreed to take it elsewhere and to use a washroom we’re now used to: the one in Earthling!

Ella and I transferred to Earthling.  Pipay welcomed us and noticed that there were only two of us. We told Pipay that Jess was ‘unavailable’ for the night.  We also told Pipay that we were not staying long, just for a couple of drinks.

It was a weeknight and a lot of the dancers we knew were absent.  Ramon, Francis, Lawrence, Banjo, Carlo and a number others we were familiar with were not present.  I was somehow relived that Ramon was not there.  He might wonder why Jess was not with us or speculate that Jess sent Ella and me to spy on him.

As it turned out, Francis was only late.  He came in shortly after Ella and I ordered drinks and settled to enjoy the show.  We saw a number of familiar faces, including this youngster we saw each night we were there: Luigi.  Luigi looked barely eighteen. He was lanky and obviously very young.  Jess and I appreciated Luigi during our one-hour in Earthling because unlike Jonas, Luigi did not make a nuisance of himself.  Luigi passed by where we were but did not try to be cute, coy or otherwise lift his shirt. In short, he was not creepy or a trying hard kind of dancer. However, Luigi was not someone Ella, Jess or I would table because of his boyish (too boyish) looks.

Pipay informed Ella and me that a big event recently took place in Earthling, the Mr. Earthling contest. We asked Pipay who won and she told us that this year’s Mr. Earthling was Sylvester.  Ella, Jess and I didn’t know who Sylvester was.  Pipay told us more about Sylvester and how a lady from a foreign land spent over a hundred thousand pesos to help Sylvester land the title Mr. Earthling.  I was curious about this Sylvester and why a foreigner would spend that much on him.

I was taking a sip of my drink when a dancer got onstage. The dancer had average looks but good moves. He was someone who would rely on appeal (and maybe personality) more than solid good looks.  I was surprised when the dancer was introduced as Sylvester.  Ella was not watching then but instead, was fiddling with her mobile phone.  I pulled Ella and hissed to her that the Mr. Earthling we were wondering about is up on stage.

Unfortunately, as I was whispering that the guy onstage was Sylvester, Sylvester himself looked our way. Our eyes met as I was mouthing his name to Ella. Ella told me Sylvester saw that. I was not embarrassed, to my credit.  At least I now had an idea of how Sylvester looks like. I had tons of material to report to Jess.

Ella and I saw the all-cast dance number we were learning to like a lot soon thereafter.  Indeed, Earthling and the all-cast dances are superior to Good Boy as far as we were concerned.  We were a bit sad that we couldn’t go back to Earthling for a while. Ella told Jessica that it’s best that we don’t go back to Earthling while Jessica still isn’t completely okay over the Ramon thing. And we all knew that could take a while.

Ella even joked that we had made Earthling into a coffee shop where we would just relax, drink, fiddle with our mobile phones while men dance in front of you.  Come to think of it, that’s not so bad. Girls just want to have fun, after all.

We left soon after the all-cast dance number. I thought that was the last I would see of Earthling in a while.


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