Ella and Jessica: Introduction

06 Jan

I’m supposed to go out for dinner with my friends “Ella” and “Jessica” tomorrow.  I normally would be thrilled because I love those girls and we always have a ball together.  However, I’m on a diet.  It’s day 4 tomorrow of my 2011 diet.  The two girls don’t know about my diet. They would just chastise me if they did.

Ella and Jessica, just like numerous other friends, seem to hold the view that the bootylicious Andrina is not bad at all.  Yes, my size 2 clothes are a bit snug right now but Ella and Jessica will smack me if I dare complain about that to them. Ella and Jessica are well endowed women and won’t be sympathetic to my complaints about dropping 7 pounds.

Anyway, back to Ella and Jessica.  Ella, Jess and I have known each other for over a decade. Our friendship started during out teen-age years.  There were times when we lost touch for a while but recently, we reconnected. Ella, Jess and I are three different women. Very different.

Jess had the most sheltered upbringing of the three of us.  She’s always being chauffeured wherever she goes. Her parents were really rather strict with her. Actually, the practice continues up to now that we’re long done with college.  To her credit, Jess has always been as good natured about her situation. As good natured as can be, anyway.  Jess is a good student, a loyal friend and definitely far from helpless.

Ella, on the other hand, is a tough cookie. Or so it seems. In reality, Ella is a softie with a tough exterior.  Ella is outspoken, unpretentious, pragmatic and man, she sure knows her curse words.  Ella, of the three of us, is most hardworking. She’s experienced the most in life and that really shaped her into the bold, down-to-earth, vivacious vixen that she is.

Lookswise, Ella and Jess both make me look like a preteen.  Ella and Jess are both well endowed.  Their bras are overflowing.  Ella is a double D. Jess is a C or a D. I’m a barely there B.  Ella is the darkest of the three of us.  She’s also the tallest and most voluptuous.  Jess is  a little girl at heart and she’s not vain at all.  She dresses comfortably and often looks like a porcelain doll in casual clothing.  She’s also the least tall of the three of us.

Ella is our motherly figure. She’s actually the youngest but she seems most mature and rational.  Jess was born first but she’s our baby due to her sheltered upbringing. I’m the middle child. I can step up to the plate and be the leader when necessary. I can also just coast along and giggle like a kid when possible.  True to form, Jess and I end up giggling a lot together while Ella shushes us when we go out.

Ella, Jessica and I have had numerous “adventures” the past two months.  All three of us are unmarried, by the way. I intend to share in this blog where we’ve been and all that.


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