Why the Unscratchable Itch?

04 Jan

Why the title of the blog? Well, we all have something unscratchable in us, an itch that cannot be scratched (and I don’t mean just physical).  Be it a yearning for something beyond human comprehension, immense passion or a desire that cannot be achieved.  I’m trying to do my best to portray or at least understand the various meanings/manifestations of that unscratchable itch  in this blog.

The title came to me over a conversation with a friend.  We were chatting about curses.  It came up that a jilted lover can curse her ex-lover’s future love life.  I then realized that the perfect curse is to curse someone (an enemy, an ex or anyone) with an unscratchable itch.  Taking it further, the curse can be phrased that if the person attempts to scratch the itch, he or she dies automatically.  My friend and I rolled with laughter at the image of someone having to live with an unscratchable itch for all eternity (or for his or her lifetime at the very least).  That would certainly be uncomfortable.

My friend and I even surmised that the cursed person would have to sleep handcuffed and chained (both hands and feet) since he or she might unknowingly scratch the itch while asleep and hence, die.

I even said: “You can scratch a bitch, but not the itch!”

Voila! This blog was born.


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2 responses to “Why the Unscratchable Itch?

  1. Princess

    June 23, 2014 at 9:37 am

    “You can scratch a bitch, but not the itch!” — love it! 🙂


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